Wang Man Yu inadvertently said in the interview, sun Yingsha is in the trough of the maze

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently, the media reported the world champion Wang Man yu an interview, the interview Wang Man yu revealing his heart, she is still in the scar, say oneself very shy, in addition to table tennis, and there are many other learning aspects, such as communication, this is all Wang Man yu inadvertently words, as the saying goes, speaker has no intention of listening, she revealed the secret of success is,This gives the Sun Yingsha that is in trough period to show a maze.Wang Man yu since Wang Man yu seize Houston world champion, was put forward NvPing entered “Wang Man yu age”, a carefully think so ah, originally Wang Man yu before the Tokyo Olympic Games though, is one of the five main NvPing but and Chen Meng Sun Yingsha compared still differ a class, Chen Meng eight consecutive defeat Wang Man yu, saying is the bane of her never,Sun Yingsha became the ping of pet, her powder doodle baby who saw all want to knead a pinch, this is not because of her face, the most fundamental is the ping her enemy ITO, beauty is the bane of, so in the Tokyo Olympic Games Wang Man yu can get a p card is lucky, Chen Meng Sun Yingsha get the Olympic women’s qualification for granted, fortunately, liu shiwen injury recurrence, out of the team,The pie in the sky fell on Wang Man Yu’s head, to help the women won the championship is second, in the Olympic Games experience Wang Man Yu enlightened.Sun Yingsha on the national games, the fans agree that Chen Meng will make persistent efforts of the world’s most difficult to take the national games champion, Chen Meng himself is confident to this, for the title did not even back home I was headed to provincial, it was kind of dayu had three home without the style, ideal is good, the reality is cruel but confident Chen Meng did not even enter the last four,Title is just Wang Man yu won the team title at the Olympics, but is defeated in the Olympic Games twice defeated the ITO Sun Yingsha beauty truly out of the limelight, Wang Man yu won much surprised people, world championships in Houston Wang Man yu beating Sun Yingsha again, bring fans feel is shocked, world champions but recognized the three series of gold content in the highest,This is no wonder that some people said that The Country ping entered the “Wang Man Yu era”, Wang Man Yu suddenly won two gold MEDALS full of gold makes people feel confused?Chen Meng media recently released a period Wang Man yu interviews, solved the fans doubts, she said: “his partial introverted personality, is currently in addition to the table tennis, also need to learn more things in other fields, such as how to speak, expression, increasing your table tennis outside many thoughts, hope you can be more broad some.”, as if she were in this passage reveals its short, actually contains the secret of success, she seems other are not, in addition to the table tennis was trashed myself, you know her expression ability and sasha less than many, but don’t forget to her several times, and sasha, were salsa, lose reason where, in an interview Wang Man yu has its own answer,Therefore, Sun Yingsha should learn from Wang Manyu, in addition to table tennis there is no other, so that Sun Yingsha can break the window into a cocoon into a butterfly.