The two departments jointly issued a new version of the motor vehicle driving training teaching and examination outline

2022-06-18 0 By

China New Finance and Economics on March 25, recently, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the “motor vehicle driving training teaching and examination outline”.Among them, “Motor vehicle Driving Training Syllabus” around the core of cultivating safe, civilized and high-quality drivers, the motor vehicle driving training teaching content, teaching requirements and hours were revised and improved.The main contents of the revision include: strengthening the basic content related to safe driving ability training.Increased the safe use of vehicle auxiliary driving function common sense and new energy vehicle technology and common sense, increased the prevention of tunnel accidents, secondary accidents, natural disasters and other situations driving emergency disposal training content, increased the different driving state, typical road environment and other defensive driving methods.Strengthen the content of training and examination system.Clear the C6 model training contents, generous and training program, on the basis of C2 and C5 model test project adjustment, the corresponding reduced training school (reserved parking ramp and start training program, meet the demand of the corresponding scene actual driving), for some models to cancel test project, adjust the teaching training.Optimize and adjust the basic requirements of training hours for some models.For the training of C1, C2, C3, C4, D, E and F models and the change of C5 models, it is clear that each province can adjust the theoretical training requirements appropriately, it is clear that each province can increase the training content according to the actual situation of the local examination, and adjust the period accordingly.Standardize the service requirements of the key links of training and teaching.The completion assessment process and organization mode were optimized, and the completion could be granted after passing the assessment of each part. Considering the actual training and teaching needs of some special scenes, the driving simulation teaching requirements of “night driving” and other scenes were added, and the teaching hours of driving simulation equipment were adjusted to no more than 6 hours.Implement the deployment of the Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Transport on The Reform of the Road Freight Transport Driver Qualification Examination System, and integrate the relevant requirements of the qualification of ordinary road freight drivers into the corresponding level of motor vehicle driving training.Source: