Shui Qingxia is wrong about Wang Shuang!Wang Shuang’s latest injury exposure, bone fracture is still fighting 60 minutes, men’s football shame

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On February 15, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s football team has been quarantined in Suzhou after winning the Asian Cup.It has been more than a week since the women’s soccer team won the gold medal, but the enthusiasm of the women’s soccer team has not abated.On the afternoon of 14th, Wang Shuang did not participate in the team’s training.Later, according to the news, after preliminary diagnosis, Wang Frost’s injury is suspected of bone fracture.Shui Qingxia misjudged wang Shuang’s performance on the field, and the captain of men’s football team should feel ashamed.What do you think? Leave a comment in the comments section.Wang Shuang injured her ankle in an accident the day before the women’s Asian Cup semifinal.Wang then sat out the next day’s semifinal against Japan, which China struggled to beat in a penalty shootout without a leading edge.6 China women’s football and South Korea women’s football final, Wang Frost line of return to play.But Wang shuang’s overall performance was not ideal as South Korea led by two goals at half-time.Shui Qingxia in the midfield locker room to talk wang Shuang and Tang Jiali, that they two as the core of the front line, and did not give The Korean team’s back line to create pressure, and frankly said: can not go, not on the next.The second half of the Performance of the Chinese women’s football field although there are some changes, but wang Shuang’s condition is really not good.The 60 th minute, Shui Qingxia decisively replaced Wang Shuang, the turning point of the game also followed.Substitute Zhang Linyan successive contributions, 5 minutes to help The Chinese team even pull two goals.The final stoppage time winner South Korea.Shui Qingxia criticized the state of Wang Shuang is not good, in fact, is wrong wang Shuang.According to the current situation, Wang Shuang in the previous sprained foot has formed a bone fracture.Ordinary people bone fracture estimates to walk all difficult, but Wang Frost still played for 60 minutes.Of course it’s not as good as it was when you were fully healthy.Of course, this can not blame Shuiqingxia guidance, after all, she is not completely clear how wang Frost injury recovery.Shui Qingxia was also under a lot of pressure, but the result was good and the women’s team won the championship.The comparison of The Chinese women’s football girl with bone fracture injury to fight, we have to think of the men’s team captain Wu Xi’s performance on the field.On the field directly dodged the Vietnamese team shot, leading to the Chinese team in the opening eight minutes behind.When men and women are compared, they are judged.I wonder if men’s soccer would be ashamed.