Senior hotel operation and management mainly learn what

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This course mainly studies the hotel basic theory and basic theory, and carries on the modern star hotel standardized service and management work on this basis.1. The major should meet the development requirements of star hotels, have good management theory and professional knowledge, have humanistic quality, international vision, leadership, innovation consciousness, entrepreneurship and social responsibility, and be familiar with the operation and management methods and means of modern star hotels.Be able to be engaged in hotel management and reception in high-star hotels, senior accommodation institutions, senior catering institutions, educational and scientific research institutions, etc.Applied and compound professional talents to serve and teach scientific research.2. With all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty and labor, able to meet the needs of production, construction, management and service, master the basic knowledge of hotel management and hotel service, and be familiar with the status quo of the tourism industry and have basic tourism service skills.Hotel each post service skills, enterprise grass-roots management personnel management skills, social communication oriented to high star-rated hotel, the guesthouse, the hotel) and catering enterprises management, service the first line, familiar with the hotel, catering business management methods and operation, high service skills and management level, has the good professional ethics of high-skilled talents.3. Introduction to tourism, service psychology, Front Office service and management, room service and management, catering management, recreation management, conference services, hotel excluding cultural brokers, service etiquette, communication skills, wine knowledge, hotel Professional Children’s English books, hotel marketing, etc.Conduct practical training on the front hall, guest room and catering platform in the school;Intern at the hotel.Services for and management of the front office, room service and management, catering service and management, recreational services and management, hotel marketing in higher vocational colleges (jobs) front office services division, room service, restaurant service division, recreational services division, the bartender, all kinds of craft tea master, baristas front desk attendant, housekeeping, restaurant waiter, recreation, waiter, bartender, all kinds of craft tea, coffeeBrown.Extension khalid ents to high star-rated hotels, luxury resorts, theme restaurants, luxury cruise, membership clubs as the goal, to high star-rated hotels, and similar enterprises with dining, guest room, the front office, recreation, sales service, operation and management departments, beauty, intelligence and physique full scale development of high-quality workers and skilled personnel.