It’s easy to tell if a man really loves you

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I am Ye Feifei YFF, a non-famous emotional tutor, write the emotional text of the heart, hope to use the temperature of the text, to bring you some spiritual comfort.Balzac said: “In fact, fake love is more perfect than real love, that is why many women are deceived.”It is true that love is nothing to men. Most of them find it hard to give their heart and are more casual about their feelings.More often than not, a man sees a beautiful woman, he moves on, and he even goes for it.However, without a sincere premise, a man’s love is just a castle in the air, it is difficult to last.This needs a woman to learn to judge a man’s heart, can not blindly associate, more can not easily pay their own.It is best not to develop feelings too quickly before you have a thorough understanding of a man’s heart, so as not to let yourself get hurt.In fact, it is easy to judge whether a man really loves you.If he’s just being nice to you and doesn’t give you three things, it’s probably not true love.A reader once asked, “Should we talk about money in a relationship?”She said she has been with her boyfriend for almost a year, but he has never spent any money on her.And she is also a very quiet girl, dare not take the initiative to ask her boyfriend to spend money, afraid that her boyfriend will think she is a material girl.However, she is annoyed that her best friend has found a boyfriend and is now living a rich and happy life.She, on the other hand, did not even dare to buy a bag worth hundreds of yuan, nor did she have a big meal, and even the gifts she received were very cheap.For this, she wanted to tangle, do not know whether her boyfriend really love her, to love feel very confused.In fact, any relationship, need to talk about money, if there is no basis for life, then beautiful love is difficult to last.The girl’s boyfriend, basically did not pay the heart, he never willing to spend money for his girlfriend, nothing but love is not enough.The man who really loves you, can’t be so stingy, more won’t let you suffer grievance in life.Only when a man does not love you, he will take money seriously and do not want to spend too much money on you.If a man does not invest in you financially, he will not cherish you.Because, even with you apart, he will not be sorry.Only when a man is willing to spend money on you, paying a huge cost, he will have scruples, will not easily leave you, because he can not afford to lose.So it’s pretty clear what a man’s heart is and whether he’s willing to spend money on you.In a relationship, what a woman longs for most is a sense of security, so as to avoid worrying about gains and losses.Therefore, to see whether a man truly loves you, the most important is to see whether he gives you a sense of security.Can let you live sureness, always protect you, love your man, basically is really with you.And those who never care about your feelings, also can not give you a sense of security of men, may not love you so.In fact, women want a sense of security, not money, but a man’s love and care.If a man cares about women all the time, always accompany women, when you need most, he is always the first, this is the best security.A woman in love, not to riches and honour of life, but can let a man carefully care, life is loved, this is enough.Therefore, judge the sincerity of a man, mainly to see if he has given you the security you want.If a man doesn’t care about you and doesn’t show up when he needs you the most, it means he doesn’t care about you at all.Even if you take the initiative to find him, he will be busy with work as an excuse to perfunctory you, let you live very aggrieved.Such a man, in the final analysis is not love you, his heart without you, naturally will not be so concerned about you.You live well or not, he does not care, you have wronged, he is indifferent, even cold to you.If you encounter this kind of man, it is best to stay away as soon as possible, they are not true love for you, not worth consuming yourself.A man who truly loves you will put you in the most important position, give you care and love, will not let you worry about personal gains and losses, this is worth your pay.Three, there is no plan for your future the man who really loves you, will plan for your future and give you the best life.Even if he is temporarily unable and has no savings, he will make a plan, work hard and run towards a better future.In his heart, you are the woman he loves the most and he will take responsibility for his future happiness.Such a man, from the beginning will consider for you, he would have you as the other half, naturally will let you feel happy.On the other hand, if a man is just nice to you and says nice things but doesn’t put effort into his actions, he is just playing around with you.This kind of man, often is not true love, women must timely stop loss, to avoid being hurt.Sanmao said: “if love can not be implemented in dressing, eating, counting money on these small things, is not long.”A woman will judge a man’s heart not by his promises, but by his actions.If a man never makes plans for the future and doesn’t think about you, and just acts nice to you, then he may be fake love.This kind of man, just want to talk to you about feelings, is not a marriage commitment, is not responsible for you.If you associate with him easily, listen to his lies, was coaxed by him, not only will not be cherished, but also may be greatly hurt.The woman contacts with the man, must polish eyes, if the man does not have the marriage commitment to you, does not have the actual action, does not have the relation easily.After all, once a woman’s youth and love have been spent, there really is no time to turn back.Ye Feifei YFF emotional message: Anyi Ru wrote in “If life is only like the first sight” : “Speech is in the right place to meet the right people, look up and shocked, in a blink of an eye the heart blossom, like a woman under the peach tree, she does not expect to meet anything, but in the hand bump into love.A woman’s vision of love is particularly sincere, hoping to meet a true lover, have a romantic and beautiful love.If one day, when they really met the heart of the man, firmly with you in love, will be very sincere and persistent.At this time, if the man failed the woman, will give her a lifetime of harm.So, remind a man, must treat the woman around sincerely, must not live up to and hurt them.At the same time, women should also learn to judge a man’s sincerity, if he is just to you, but does not give you the above three things, most likely not true love, best timely stop loss.END author: Ye Feifei YFF, focus on the emotional field of creation and sharing, with emotion to communicate your heart and mine, wish you and I know each other here, like please pay attention to me.For more exciting content, follow YFF