Fujian province has added a new provincial nature reserve

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently, fujian provincial government approved the establishment of fuqing Xinghua Bay waterbird provincial nature Reserve, approved a total area of 7518.36 hectares, including the core area of 2282.66 hectares, experimental area of 5235.70 hectares.Fuqing bay XingHua waterfowl provincial nature reserve is located in the south of fuqing city in fujian’s largest bay wetland area and excellent XingHua bay north shore of the wetland, wetland ecosystems in blackface spoonbills, covert, and many other rare and endangered animal species, abundant water resources, and coastal wetland ecosystem as the main target of protection, many index reach the standard wetland of international importance.The reserve is east Asia – Australia west Asia migratory channels on the important station and wintering grounds, regional water resources are rich, waterbirds here every year 10000 to 18000, only about one 8 of the fujian coastal waterbirds in total number, the number of water birds migrating in the rest more than 50000, is one of the most concentrated area for water distribution in fujian province.The reserve is dark spoonbills, covert and other national key protection, endangered or vulnerable species concentration distribution area, harsh spoonbill in mainland China’s largest wintering and one of the important stopover for migratory, is one of the largest wintering covert and black knots, the Oriental area of south China coastal wetland has important representative meaning and typicality.Up to now, Fujian has established 111 nature reserves at various levels, including 16 at national level, 24 at provincial level and 71 at city and county level, with a total area of 368,900 hectares.(Reporter Zhang Hui) Source: Fujian Daily