Don’t go straight home from the grave!Ten Taboos on Qingming festival

2022-06-18 0 By

Qingming Festival is coming, many people have arranged to return home to sweep the grave, but in the ancestor worship at the same time, there are many small details need to pay attention to, if inadvertently touched may offend the ancestors, serious may also encounter “unclean gas”, remind the public must be careful.Folk sayings, for reference only.1, grave should not go home directly: many people are used to go home directly after the grave, but this is easy to bring dirty gas and Yin qi home, it is recommended to go home after the grave to the nearby lively place to walk.2. Tomb sweeping should be completed before 5 PM: The best time to sweep the tomb is from 9 am to 3 PM, because this time is the most Yang qi moment, at this time, it is not easy to be stuck to Yin, after 5 PM is the “Yin and Yang transition time” is more likely to encounter unclean qi.3. Do not go to friends’ homes with ancestral tablets: Tomb-sweeping Day is the day for ancestors to go home. If there are ancestral tablets at home, the spirits of the ancestors will easily pass by you when they come home.4, do not arbitrarily in and out of the old house: according to folk legend, many to the Tomb Sweeping Day soul will haunt, so do not arbitrarily in and out of the old house, be careful that there will be some love of the soul of the house back to the old house.5, Tomb-sweeping Day abstain from sex, play mahjong, ban horn too loud: there are ancestral tablets in the home, the tomb Sweeping Day ancestral spirits will go home, so avoid in the home to engage in sex, play mahjong, watching TV and listening to music volume to remember to turn down, so as not to disturb the ancestors.6, Qingming four fruits do not worship: remember to prepare fruit sacrifice.Do not worship bala (bala ticket), tomatoes (like blood), bananas (invite you), shakya (symbol of Buddha’s head), these all have bad connotations.7, do not buy shoes to wear up the mountain: because “shoes” homonym “evil”, qingming day to buy shoes easy to attract evil.8, do not take photos: to the cemetery should not take photos, in addition to avoid taking bad things, but also impolite to the ancestors.9, Tomb-sweeping day of the birthday do not sweep the grave: birthday jubilation, so tomb-sweeping day of the birthday of the best to avoid so as not to rush evil spirit, if you really want to sweep suggested with Moxa to worship.10, not relatives are outsiders, remember not to worship: if there are non-relatives when the tomb, remember not to worship, in theory, can accompany but do not point incense, so as to avoid each other’s ancestors curious about you and go home with you.Folk sayings, for reference only.