3-5, China’s 26-year-old qualifier out, Ding junhui suffered a 141 points to advance

2022-06-18 0 By

Snooker Turkish Masters qualifiers continue, China’s Chen Zifan against Scott Donaldson, the final, Chen Zifan out of the qualifying round 3-5, more disappointing, Donaldson through, and shot a high score of 141.The Winner of the Turkish Masters has a prize of 100,000 pounds but must go through a qualifying round to qualify for the main event!Donaldson just participated in the champions League winners group performance, his poor performance, failed to reach the semi-finals, regret out, and speaking of Donaldson, I believe many Chinese fans are no strangers to him, once because of the defeat of Ding Junhui, also known as “Ding Junhui’s bitter master”.Chen Zifan came from China, was born in 1995, now only 26 years old, career has not been too good honors and achievements.Two people in the previous only 2 times of the match, their respective wins and losses into a tie, from the strength of view, two people should be not far apart, a very suspense game.Donaldson narrowly won 70-24 in the first set, but Chen returned the blow with a 69-35 victory to level the score at 1-1 in the second.In the third set, Donaldson scored 55 points for a 107-4 victory. In the fourth set, Chen failed to seize his chance and Donaldson took the key points for a 77-58 victory, which gave donaldson a 3-1 lead at half time.Donaldson exploded in the fifth frame with a 141-run, one-stroke victory and 4-1 match point.In the sixth and seventh frames, Chen fired up 85 and 106 points in a row to reach 3-4.But donaldson won the crucial eighth frame with 90 points to advance 5-3.