Valentine’s Day celebration begins

2022-06-17 0 By

Just spent the Spring Festival holiday, are you still not recovered from the “Flavor of the New Year”?Then might as well continue to feel the sweet and warm double festival in the divine Eagle river’s lake!Yes, when The Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day come together, The Return of the Condor Heroes 2 will offer more than double the number of holiday surprises.From now to February 16, enter the Divine Eagle River’s Lake, double mount, romantic footprints, rare back ornaments…Join in the festival celebration and be pleasantly surprised!Today is valentine’s Day, how can the romantic atmosphere of the river’s lake be less?Heroes can go to the “sweet shop” to exchange roses, vows of eternal love, till death do us part and other classic bouquet props;Or romantic feelings, deep feelings honey meaning of valentine’s day limited bouquet.Give it to your favorite person in the sacred eagle river, and the warrior will gain heart value, while the recipient will gain charm value.This will count in the list of affectionate feelings.Special note, even the classic bouquet, also need to be redeemed in the sweet shop in order to be included in the list.At the end of the event, the top 100 heroes will receive a new neon wave of permanent footprints;The top 100 most attractive warriors will get a new permanent back to touch the piano.With unique ornaments, witness sincere confession.Harvest this kind of mind, whether makes this romantic festival more memorable?In addition, recreational integral, gold ingot, a variety of self-selected props will also be heroes surprise!Double mount – During the romantic Harp event, heroes can win a holiday limited mount of their choice gift box by crapping on a treasure hunt.There are three options including the new mount romantic harp, and the return mount Tuanzi Rabbit, ying Ying jellyfish. How will the hero choose?Flower language, rivers and lakes have you!The double festival of Condor Heroes 2 kicks off today and will last until February 16th. The three-day event is a chance to show your love to someone.