“The brightest coordinates” let martyrs “go home”, for martyrs to find relatives!In Yangzhou, 68 scattered graves of martyrs were moved to the Martyrs’ Cemetery

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Reporter Zhang Jian reporter Jiang Tao yesterday morning, Yangzhou Yizheng City revolutionary martyrs cemetery solemn atmosphere, Sun Fukang, Zhang Honggui two scattered burial ceremony held in this martyr.Under the escort of the cemetery staff, comrades in charge of the service station for ex-servicemen in Xinji Town of Yizheng City, and representatives of the martyrs’ relatives, the two martyrs moved smoothly into the cemetery for burial.It is understood that on the eve of Qingming festival, Yangzhou city has 68 scattered graves of martyrs moved to the city, county martyrs cemetery.Fierce engineering “comfort” to illuminate the martyr “home” at the end of road, chun-shan li, Xu Yan, guo-shun yuan, Chang En, cheng-gong zhang, Xia Gui years, Zhou Yiren step, Yang Wenfu, Wu Zaishan, yongkang, xue-li xia 11 was buried in the yangzhou HanJiang martyrs, revolutionary martyr cemetery in yangzhou, and who gets old comrades “reunion”.Before the Qingming Festival this year, martyrs Li Chunshan, Yuan Guoshun’s descendants Yuan Shiying tearfully told reporters, “participated in the new Fourth Army father died, the most worry is two childless brothers, let us must go to their graves add soil, now they moved into the martyrs cemetery, this is how glorious!It is the best way to pay tribute to the fallen.Data in practical protection level ascension martyr memorial facilities management, give full play to their role as the martyr memorial red education base, in 2021, yangzhou veterans affairs bureau in the city to carry out the “comfort my project”, in accordance with the “moved should do, centralized management” principle, orderly scattered memorial to migration and repair work.It is understood that Yangzhou city combed and screened more than 1,000 martyrs memorial facilities below the county level, and verified one by one, planning to move 81 scattered martyrs’ tombs to martyrs cemetery or martyrs burial area, 177 scattered martyrs memorial facilities to repair the original site repair.By the end of March this year, 68 scattered martyrs’ tombs had been moved to the martyrs’ cemetery for mass burial.The next step, will continue to move in accordance with the principle of “should be removed, centralized management and protection”, promote the centralized renovation of martyr memorial facilities, so that the overall appearance of martyr memorial facilities is changed, radiant glory.”Martyrs memorial facilities are an important place for burying, remembering and praising revolutionary martyrs. It is our biggest wish to let every hero and martyr ‘go home’.”City veterans affairs bureau staff wang Jun said.Data figure “project” locate find relatives for 75 martyrs recently, HanJiang area veterans affairs nurses achieved “the section chief field name qing received MeiGuoZhen returning from the shaanxi ankang municipality martyr cemetery martyrs’s mother and daughter, then busy for two HanJiang in Shao Bo defensive war of sacrifice martyr Wang Guanglian and Gao Ruiyin looking for later generations.For martyrs to find relatives, let martyrs “home”, Tian Mingqing has found relatives for more than a dozen martyrs.In 2021, the municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs will include the search for martyrs into the “I do practical things for the masses” content, through the “martyrs search for relatives government public service platform” to release the search for relatives application, with the help of news media to strengthen the search for relatives publicity, to help martyrs search for relatives.Scattered in the countryside martyrs tombstone part of the font is unclear to repair September 30 last year martyrs’ Day, Shao Bo battle martyrs cemetery held a “let the martyrs go home” activity.In the activity, the family representative Wang Bin said excitedly: “as long as I can remember, I know from my grandfather and father’s mouth grandpa Wang Yongkuan is a soldier of the New Fourth Army, died in the Shao Bo battle, today finally found grandpa.””History is the best textbook, and finding relatives for martyrs is a vivid practice of party history study and education.One day earlier, let the revolutionary martyrs reconnect with their relatives in their hometown, which is not only to comfort the families of the martyrs, but also to comfort the martyrs.”Wang argued.It is understood that, as of the end of March this year, jiangdu district find Huang Zhangshui and other 5 relatives of the martyrs of sanjiangying battle sacrifice hanjiang District for 7 martyrs descendants found martyrs burial place, Gaoyou city for 32 Shaobo battle sacrifice gaoyou martyr found loved ones……Our city has found relatives for 75 martyrs at present, round a great long-cherished wish of martyrs posterity.