Spring to go to the grassroots | people diligent spring to prepare early ploughing

2022-06-17 0 By

Yesterday was the sixth day of the first lunar month, with a strong New Year flavor, but in the Southern CAI Village of Wuqing District grain Sales Village Tianmin pastoral fruit and vegetable planting cooperative base, early in the morning, the villagers are busy, some in picking vegetables, some in watering and fertilizing, and in the transplant of vegetable seedlings…During the Spring Festival holiday, as one of the key vegetable protection bases in our city, the vegetable farmers here have no rest all day.”Spring comes early and it is time to prepare for ploughing.”In a greenhouse, Liu Tianmin, head of tianmin Rural Fruit and vegetable Cooperative, said, “This is a new crop of quick-growing vegetables that we are competing to grow. There are more than 10 varieties and they can be picked and marketed in 40 days.The government also gives a subsidy of 800 yuan per mu for growing these quick-growing vegetables.To grow high-quality vegetables, we choose good seeds, use organic fertilizer and do not use pesticides.”Tianmin garden fruit and vegetable base covers an area of 1000 mu, which is a large-scale agricultural science and technology demonstration park integrating fruit and vegetable production demonstration, popular science education, practice and training, leisure and sightseeing and other functions.There are “small magpie branches” fruit tomatoes, “I don’t know sorrow” white strawberry and many other products, is Beijing and Tianjin vegetable basket base.In another greenhouse, agronomist Chen Xiangtao is instructing vegetable farmers in late-stage field management.Last winter and this spring, Tianmin Garden fruit and vegetable Planting Cooperative and Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, North China Institute of Aerospace Industry cooperation, the introduction of new varieties, new equipment, new technology, make the park more scientific and technological content.Into the base of the latest generation of greenhouses — the sun room, where the vegetables are hydroponic, and are divided into multiple layers of 3 meters high color round pillars, collection of ornamental, picking in one, intelligent management of the Internet of things, water saving and fertilizer saving, high quality and high yield.Municipal Agriculture and Rural affairs Committee related departments introduced, in order to ensure this year’s grain harvest, 10 agriculture-related agricultural departments have taken action in advance, actively organize agricultural technical personnel to help spring ploughing preparation, comprehensively strengthen winter wheat field management, timely planting of good spring wheat, rush to plant fast growing vegetables, achieve this year’s agricultural production high start.(Fu Yongjun, Editor of Jinyun News)