In rural areas, the phenomenon of “eating cold banquet” is serious. Most people put down the money and leave, and do not even want to eat dinner?

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Banquet especially for rural people, they are very keen on a thing.In China, between people there is a puzzling embarrassed atmosphere, the mood also don’t know where it came from and rarely like other countries, so we will have some what kind, or a weekend party, we relate their relatives and friends, as if must have a good reason, that is, we have some big events in the periodTo be able to connect neighbors on the right and left.▲ Eating banquet this is the development of the present banquet culture, such an opportunity to promote the feelings of relatives and neighbors, ask each other about the latest situation, whether it is chatting or playing cards, in these days, can let people relax a little.But in recent years, such feasting culture seems to have gone bad. Some people leave without eating after giving the red envelope. Why is that?The cultural tradition of eating table, in fact, there are some big differences in various parts of our country, such as the general seat, serving order, and dishes in different areas are also some different requirements.Like in the Northeast, pork elbow is a must on every table.In the south of China, the banquet will pay attention to an order, the first is to put the drink, melon seeds, so that people can wait in the first appetizer, and then the first will be some auxiliary dishes, and finally the main course and rice.In the Central Plains, desserts and fruits are served first, followed by a variety of stir-fried dishes, and several soups must be served at the end.It is also the habit of most people to carry out a feast.The last meal to leave must be accompanied by a hot soup.But now more and more people are eating cold dishes. This does not mean that the dishes are cold, but that they are not served at all.Just to give the money.This phenomenon can be understood if some relatives live far away from the accident, but some relatives who live very close to the family are not willing to stay for lunch at noon. This situation is gradually increasing.What is the reason for this?The first reason is that the motivation of feasting is becoming less and less clear. It seems that the purpose of feasting is not to invite guests to join in the fun, but to collect money. Some people do it several times a year for various reasons.Such behavior for a lot of relatives and friends, both feel speechless, but people invited and can not go, the back also see, they are just for this part of the money.The money would be given in order not to injure relations, but it did not seem necessary to stay to eat.Second, it may really be because of busy work, people who have jobs all know that busy, it is really meals do not eat, they may not be able to come to the scene, can only send a red envelope to express their own mind.Another possibility is that they don’t like the noisy atmosphere and are not willing to sit on the table and have all kinds of nutrient-poor communication with a group of unfamiliar people, which is also a kind of torture for them.It is not uncommon to eat a cold meal.However, in recent years, due to the epidemic, many people may not hold the original banquet, it seems that slowly some people began to miss miss, people can get together, that kind of simple chat and care of the beautiful atmosphere.If this situation wants to change for the better, it may not be able to be solved in a short time.