How many episodes of The Korean drama “Snooping” are there?How many stories did he tell?

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The 20-episode South Korean drama, which premiered in March 2021, is a suspense thriller.The story revolves around the “abnormal gene”, believing that people with abnormal genes have a 99% chance of becoming a abnormal killer and a 1% chance of becoming a genius.The following content contains revealed plot, please watch carefully.”Spy” tells the story of a what kind of story the main line around the “abnormal gene” male zheng Balin launched, tells the story of several stages of the male protagonist: the first stage hidden adult harmless small police, is actually a abnormal murderer;The second stage because of the implementation of a head replacement surgery and memory loss, become a crime, punish the police;The third stage gradually restore memory, realize that he is a abnormal murderer, but Cheng Yaohan’s brain in the male brain, so that the abnormal murderer produced guilt, which makes the male hero extremely painful.What is the forced abortion law in the story? In Peep, when the DNA of a foetus is tested for a certain gene, there is a 99 percent chance that the foetus will turn out to be a perverted murderer, and only a 1 percent chance that the foetus will turn out to be a genius.The compulsory abortion act is intended to curb crime by forcing pregnant women to have abortions if their babies are found to have “abnormal genes”.In the end, the bill failed to pass, but the lawmakers who supported it secretly formed organizations and carried out shady experiments.The main character, Chung Ba-ryeong-sil, is used as a guinea pig. Choi Young-shin, cheong Wa Dae chief of staff, organizes a secret OZ organization for the families of victims of abnormal murders in order to pass a bill on forced abortion.The purpose is to monitor the development of children with abnormal genes and obtain materials and evidence supporting the passage of abortion legislation.But this OZ organization in order to achieve the goal, by hook or by crook, even sacrifice the lives of many innocent ordinary people.