Family tradition is passed on in the fireworks

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Dan inheritance in the fireworks Seal mountain in winter is very cold, but the festival atmosphere, from thirty thriving “NianGen rice” to start in the morning, blow away the cobwebs, meet jubilee, New Year happy New Year, until the lights of the fifteenth day of the first, the families of the smoke from the candle, red peach wood charms against evil, star let this little mountain village is full of charm,The sound of fireworks and firecrackers, the sound of cars and horses, adults and children’s Shouting and laughing make the quiet village lively.This year, is our mother in the countryside to celebrate the sixth Spring Festival, is still our most sentimentally attached to the taste, especially this year’s snow is very appropriate.Some people say that “the highest sense of ritual in a home is the smell of fireworks.” I agree with them very much.The memory of the Spring Festival is steaming, recording the “taste of mother” and father’s smile, mother wearing an apron in front of the kitchen table to prepare food, father beside the kitchen in a hurry to help, urging us to serve dishes set chopsticks, the kitchen and restaurant are always busy.Until the dishes on the table, the father led a family to worship ancestors, tobacco, wine, tea, incense gun candle should be in place after the ceremony, only allowed to eat.Family reunion, full of laughter, push the cup for a cup, in the fireworks inheritance of blood dependent affection, passing each other waiting for the warmth.Now the father left us already had 6 years many, the mother is determined to return home to choose another kind of way to accompany him, those most warm feelings, the most beautiful story, hide forever in the waiting for a porridge a meal and in the warmth of every twinkle and smile.This year’s reunion dinner was cooked by me, assisted by my elder brother and sister-in-law, my husband acted as the fire, my mother guided me, and the children served dishes and washed dishes.When everything was ready, the pot was burning oil, but the boiler was not warm. The husband was busy with it, but the fire would not come up.Seeing this, mother bent over the hearth and peered into it. She pulled out a stick or two and pulled it out again. The pot began to boil.I sighed fire is really a technology, mother said, “fire to hollow to prosperous, solid to hard…”If you want to know something in the mountains, ask an old farmer in the countryside!Mother used short sayings to teach us common sense of life, also gave us wisdom of life enlightenment.Small village materials are scarce, the land is ample, mother is very love field work, often said, “people frequently not lazy”, teach us: to be industrious, lazy will only accomplish nothing.She said so and did the same. The fields we collected from our neighbors were never left idle, and the crops of vegetables and fruits were never interrupted. Most of them were given to our neighbors and relatives while meeting our logistical needs.She especially enjoyed this free, independent life, living among fireworks and busy with trifles, which gave her food for thought and physical exercise, and gave her every ordinary day an extra interest, enriching every spare hour, setting an example to her successors, and cultivating the taste of thrift and simplicity.Parents send out the moral glory thereof as guide, such as drizzle smooth, they engender and filial piety in the apparent12 wind, the wind of austerity, pragmatic, integrity, wind formed our unique family trait, neither written to extend family precepts, also does not have profound wisdom, really the kind of generous, honest simple character into blood, reflected in the action,Imperceptibly, it guides us forward.(Nanyue District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of standing Deputy secretary, deputy director of the Commission Liu Huafeng) source: Hengyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision