A warm transfer on a snowy night

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Lanzhou, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) –On the fifth night of the lunar New Year, heavy snow suddenly fell in Lanzhou, and the mountains were covered with snow.While people in the city were enjoying the snow, a group of tourists who had just returned from hiking in the wild were in trouble on the national highway into Lanzhou.They are lanzhou city hiking enthusiasts, meet on this day to the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yeliguan scenic hiking.Leave in the morning and return at 5:00 p.m.”There was no snow and I didn’t check the weather forecast.”Wang Qi is more than 50 years old this year, she usually loves hiking in the wild, this time with friends to meet.However, when passing through the Childo-yang section of National Highway 212, snowflakes from the sky blocked the tourists’ way home.”It was about 9:30 p.m., and the snow on the ridge was up to ten millimeters deep, ankle deep.”When master Xu, the driver of the tourist group, came out of the north entrance of qidaoliang Tunnel, he saw a vast expanse of whiteness on the road.The bus is not tied to the skid chain, not special snow tires, the second half of the steep downhill mountain, there are many sharp turns.Even with years of driving experience, Xu was worried about driving on such roads.Police on the way to transfer rescue.More than 30 tourists, as well as many old people and children, were trapped on the mountain in the middle of nowhere.The tourists were at a loss what to do.They were trapped with another tour bus, carrying a combined 71 people.Just then, a police car with flashing lights drew up to the bus.This is the Traffic police detachment of Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau Gongjiawan brigade on duty, they understand the driver’s location, the number of passengers and other information, reported to the higher authorities.Gong Jiawan brigade captain Li Yang et al., considering that there are more passengers on the bus, the temperature is low on a snowy night, and the tunnel mouth is far from the city, personnel safety can not be guaranteed.They told the bus to stay in place and informed all the standby personnel on duty in the team to carry out rescue work as soon as possible.The brigade gathered all police cars equipped with skid chains to transfer passengers.Police on the way to transfer rescue.Lanzhou city Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment in the team, the police vacated the room early, the tourists to settle, and sent hot water, instant noodles, bread, milk and other supplies.After nearly five hours of rescue in batches, all 71 passengers were safely transported.Among them, more than 20 passengers were safely transferred to the west Orchard Squadron of the traffic police brigade after being picked up by family and friends, two tourists with children and several old people were also sent home by police officers in a police car.Wang Qi and others in the warm team duty room, while warming the fire, while waiting for the morning after the snow light home.They continued to express gratitude to the police on duty, “You put us in such a warm place, our hearts are very warm.Special thanks to gongjiawan traffic police.”In the morning, after sending wang qi and the remaining 30 tourists to the bus station under the mountain, gongjiawan traffic police returned to their duty.In the wind and snow, the flashing lights are enough to reassure people.The expert reminds, winter temperature is lower, outdoor activity danger index increases greatly.Pay special attention to the weather forecast before going out.Snow can obscure roads and make it easy to get lost. Try to follow a relatively familiar route.In the snow and ice weather, the road conditions are bad. People should do a good job of insulation outdoors, especially pay attention to the head and neck to keep warm, and the color of clothes should be as bright as possible to facilitate contact and search in the snow.At the same time, grasp the travel time, try not to walk at night, to avoid danger.Reporter Hu Weijie, Duo Lei