26 “Bundesliga recommendation” : Hoffenheim v Stuttgart, analysis + forecast

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Hoffenheim vs Stuttgart in the BundesligaThe bundesliga round 24 will start with relegation strugglers Stuttgart travelling to the Rhineka Arena to face hoffenheim at 03.30am on Saturday February 26th.Can Stuttgart improve its defence and win points away from relegation?Or the recent morale of the rapid promotion of huo Village can continue the stable offensive situation impact three consecutive wins?Hoffenheim are currently fifth in the bundesliga with 11 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses after 23 rounds of the season. They are level with RB Leipzig on 37 points, and a win would put them back in the champions League.In this season’s 11 home games, village has achieved 7 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses of good record, has a very good home games ability.In the previous round of matches, hoffenheim away to challenge rivals the Wolf fort, with larson and carat maric continuous successively five minutes in the second half goals, under the adverse scene a goal behind to help the team win 2-1 scoreline reversal, the team to get two wins in a row, back to yong obviously continuous when compared to previous performance.In the last two consecutive games, Huo Cun has scored two goals and conceded only one, a significant improvement from the 2.75 goals he conceded during the previous losing streak. Can this return match be effectively continued?Five major leagues, Champions League, World Cup, NBA:https://www.oub279.com:35531/register/?i_code=4283954, in contrast, opponents, Stuttgart current home-country crowd in 23 matches only got 4-7-12, 19 points ranked second from bottom in the league,Trailing safe hertha Berlin by four points, the relegation situation is so dire that the team will need to pick up points in every game.Stuttgart, however, have conceded 43 goals so far this season, the fourth highest in the bundesliga, and have been relatively weak at the back.On the away side, Stuttgart have won only one of their 11 trips away so far, scoring only eight goals away from home, and are tied with Bochum at the bottom of the league.Stuttgart had a great chance to take all three points at home against Bochum in the last round of the league, but conceded a penalty in stoppage time to draw 1-1.In the past 10 matches, Stuttgart has only one win, three draws and six losses, scoring nine goals but conceding 20.Fortunately, Stuttgart has 14 players who have scored goals so far this season, and there are more options on the offensive end.As for the data of hoffenheim conceding a goal in this game, the SP combination given in the current game is 2.20 3.60 2.46 (-1), and the Asian data is also raised from the initial 0.75 to the current 1.0 data. It is reasonable to match the SP value of the current game.However, the 1.38 SP of the main win in a regular win/draw seems to be high in Yoyo’s opinion, so I have some reservations about confidence in the game.In their last 10 meetings, Hoffenheim have won three, drawn three and lost four, with no wins in the last four, conceding nine goals, including a 3-1 loss to Stuttgart in the first leg of the season.And from the POINT of view of BF data ah, the initial stage of the field out of the main 0.75 data attracted a large number of data inflow, the current hot and cold data home team in an extremely unfavorable situation.Therefore, combined with the analysis of indicators and trends of various data, Yoyo is not optimistic that the host team Huo Village can successfully win the opponent, even if they win the game, I’m afraid it will only be a small win.Stuttgart +1 and above all the deadline is: February 25, 2021, 11:00pm