The 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS convertible still shines today

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In a previous post about a Chevelle Malibu Super Sport owned by a married couple for 48 years, many fans commented: “How different is this from the SAIC-GM Malibu XL I own!”Well, today’s article continues to talk about the car. In fact, when I think of the Malibu, California Dreaming comes to mind when I hear “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey…”It was as if I were driving on an American beach highway at sunset.The Chevrolet Malibu stands for Malibu Beach, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Los Angeles.For one thing, in addition to the blue sea and blue sky typical of Southern California, it also has various shapes and strange rocks, and beautiful and unique beaches.Second, Malibu is a luxury area west of Los Angeles, home to many of Hollywood’s biggest stars.Even many American movies are set in this area, which virtually increases the popularity of the beach.By the way, if you’re a big fan of GTA games, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the beaches and mansions.The Malibu is not a single car, but a division of the Chevelle.In 1963, Chevrolet introduced the Chevelle, a midsize workhorse, to compete with Ford motor’s Fairlane.Chevelle has since become a mainstay of the Brand, with four-door Sedan, two-door Sport Coupe, Convertible and Station Wagon.The Malibu, the name given to the top-of-the-line model in each version of the Chevelle, was also the most popular model ever launched, selling 200,000 cars in its first year.Because of the Malibu’s success in the market, Chevrolet pushed the Chevelle into the muscle car market with the Malibu SS(the SS is Chevrolet’s high performance symbol, standing for Super Sport).Since the first generation, Malibu has had its own VERSION of the SS, which satisfies consumers’ demand for power while also establishing the sporty DNA of the car.Today’s model is a 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS convertible sitting in a garage, with a mere 45,000 miles on the road.Sadly, since the car’s owner died, Chevelle has been stored in a garage, surrounded by dust.The car doesn’t look like it needs much maintenance because it’s been stored in a garage for a long time, and so far everything is working very well.The car is being sold in an unreserved auction in Chipley, Florida, where bids have soared to $25,900.As you can see from these photos, there’s a lot to be excited about in this Chevelle.The classic red car paint, for example, still has an incredible color and gloss, and the seller says no defects were found after careful inspection.It’s unclear if the deceased owner had any restoration work done on the car, but if the paint is still original, there’s a good chance this car could become one of the most amazing Chevelle cars out there.The panels are straight and show no signs of an accident, and the seller says the car’s interior is almost as spotless as the body. The original owner originally ordered the black vinyl interior, which is still in good condition with no wear or physical damage, and is in shape for current mileage.The carpet is fine, while the dashboard and cushions look immaculate.There are no fancy add-ons, but sports barrel seats, a simple center console and an AM radio should make life very pleasant.The chassis is also clean and strong, with no rust or breakage.On the outside, the chrome finish is perfect, and even the easily damaged hubcaps are in perfect condition.All the glass in the car body is flawless, all original.Lift the bonnet and again we get a sense of the mystery of the Chevelle. Why?Because the seller claims it has a 327CI V8 engine and a three-speed automatic transmission.While an engine was likely, Chevrolet didn’t offer a three-speed automatic on new cars of that era.We speculated that maybe maybe the buyer wanted an automatic transmission and made it special, but we found that Chevy only offered a two-speed Powerglide transmission until 1967.To add to the confusion, the cover on the air filter indicates that this is a 283CI V8 engine with a maximum power of 195 HP.So if someone does want to take the car, be sure to check these questions.Regardless of the final facts, the engine compartment of this car also performs very well.The seller claims only 45,000 miles and guarantees the mileage is true.We can see from the photos that the overall condition is consistent with the mileage.Clean and tidy, no long-term leakage and other problems.A legendary and coveted American classic, the 1965 Malibu convertible still stands out after so many years under duress.However, the seller’s description and the photo provided did not seem to match.That makes it a slightly mysterious car.If the car has already piqued your interest, I think you may need to further contact the seller to determine if you can conduct a personal inspection.If all goes well, I’m sure this will be a good car to keep in the garage for a long time.​