“Reading Manual” 3W1H How?”I can read” is not only picture books, reading the classics

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Many parents like to read picture books and masterpieces to their children, but the children who have grown up with picture books will not read, and the children who have read masterpieces have lost interest in reading. Why is this?Picture books and masterpieces are two big holes that children often fall into when reading.The bottom line is that children do not learn to read, do not master the skills of reading.”Reading manual” tells us that children’s real reading to solve four problems, namely 3W1H, respectively Who read (Who), Why (Why), When (When) and How (How), the answer is “I read, I want to read, I keep reading, I can read”.Keep your child reading until he or she “can read,” which means that he or she has mastered the basic skills of reading.-1- Why do children who read picture books fail to read when they go to school?According to the Reading Manual, picture books have changed from “young readers” to “full-age readers”, and an overemphasis on picture books has resulted in children’s poor reading ability.The typical phenomena of over-emphasis on picture books include the following: First, parent-child reading turns into picture book reading competition, in which parents and children overread picture books, some even read thousands of books;Second, the picture book bias, the young books improperly extended to the middle and high school;Third, picture books are universal. Parents put all their expectations for their children into picture books.Fourth, excessive interpretation of picture books. Simple picture books have been told by parents for an hour or even several times for several days.Excessive reading of picture books can lead to the following consequences: children are always reading picture books, the development of word reading ability is limited;The development of children’s cognitive ability is limited by single story picture books;The low information content of picture books limits the development of children’s information acquisition ability;The simple logic of picture books limits the development of children’s understanding ability.So how to read picture books correctly?One is to increase encyclopedic picture books, which are non-fiction and focus on helping children establish cognition. The amount of information is significantly greater than story-based picture books, and the difficulty of text reading is significantly higher than story-based picture books.Second, after the child grows older, transition to text reading as soon as possible.For example, increase the reading of comic books. The characters and stories in comic books are richer and more complex than those in picture books.Read the bridge book, the bridge book is to let the child reading difficulty gradually upgrade the reading, enhance the will of independent reading, from reading to get fun;In a word, parents need to let their children see more good books. If they have seen many good books, their children can learn to distinguish and transition to text reading.-2- Why not let the children read classics freely?According to the Reading Manual, a masterpiece is a work that gives warning and profound impact, as well as an insight into the living environment.To put it simply, masterpieces are like the highest mountains in the world of books and are recognized as cultural treasures in the human world.Therefore, most of the masterpieces are written for adult readers, which are the author’s deep thoughts on society, culture and ideology.So classics are far beyond the reading ability of most children in primary school.Reading classics requires sufficient reading ability.You can take a passage from the original journey to the West and read it. It will be found that most adults are difficult to understand the exact meaning word by word, and it is not surprising that children cannot read it.Children need from the cultivation of reading ability to read a single paragraph is only a word, the whole book is controlled word reading, slowly to read a single paragraph is only a few words, the whole book of thousands of words reading, followed by a single paragraph is controlled words, the whole book tens of thousands of words, and then to a single paragraph hundreds of words, the whole book ten word reading.This process requires the accumulation of reading time, reading quantity and reading experience, which is not as fast as adults imagine.Read the famous book is not read abridged, adapted, the essence of the book.The classic original reading do not understand, many parents to their children to buy the simplified version of the classic, adapted this, the essence of this.Strictly speaking, they are summaries of the stories of the classics, not the classics themselves.Read classics must read the original, original, no abridgment, abbreviations, adaptation, translation (the classical Chinese translated into vernacular), read is the book completed when the appearance, the child is really reading classics.Classics are difficult to read, beyond the reading ability of most primary school children.Primary school children will not be interested in the classics for the time being, because the length, form, language, content and ideas of the classics are beyond the children’s cognition at this stage.Reading masterpieces, children have to walk the most difficult way in the world of reading, climb the highest mountain in the world of reading.This can easily scare your child into thinking that reading is particularly difficult.Parents must not assign their children the task of reading famous books.Children who love reading and often read before school, to the high school or junior high school, his reading ability will basically reach the level of reading relatively easy literary classics, then parents to cooperate with the school requirements, for him to prepare designated literary classics.-3- What is the reading technique?According to the Reading Manual, the techniques that support reading are called “reading techniques.”The Reading Manual lists eight reading techniques, namely method, manner and effect.The first reading method includes retelling, commenting and discussing.Retelling is to say what you have read in your own words.To comment is to give your opinion about what you read;Discussion is when children talk about a topic with their parents or classmates or friends.Retelling exercises children’s ability of understanding and expression, comments exercise children’s ability of independent thinking and independent expression of their own ideas, and discussion exercises children’s ability to exchange ideas and interactive expression with others.In fact, this is the learning pyramid of efficient learning methods, they are better than just listening and reading.The second way of reading includes extensive reading, intensive reading and extended reading.Extensive reading is the technology of fast reading, which can quickly grasp the core content of a book.Intensive reading is the technology of in-depth reading, which not only requires a grasp of the core content, but also requires a deep understanding, even into every sentence, every word;Extension is the ability to extend reading, both within and across topics.The third reading effect, including grasp the core content, a good sense of language.Grasping the core is a vital reading skill.If it is a story, then the protagonist, the main related characters, the cause of the story, the turning point, the main plot, the result, are the core content;If it is an informative reading, then the key words, the explanation of the key words, the purpose of the interpretation of things, what are the benefits, is the core content.A good sense of language can help readers to perceive and understand language directly and quickly.Children with a good sense of language will read naturally from the previous sentence to the next sentence, will quickly become familiar with the author’s expression, can understand the meaning of sentences and paragraphs.These three aspects of reading technology, children need to go through a long time of training, a lot of practice, to really master and skilled use.Children can not improve through a short period of concentrated assault, just like a novice driver who has learned how to drive and knows how to drive must be able to become a skilled driver through a long time of practical operation.So when the child is practicing these skills, parents should inspire, guide and encourage the child, do not interrupt, evaluate, hit the child.Parents need to Understand and Respect Their children’s exploration of reading technology The reading Manual says parents should “ignore” the natural “problems” that arise in their children’s exploration of reading.What parents see as “wrong” or “bad” is not a “problem” at all, but a child exploring his or her own way of reading.Parents should respect their children and give them enough time to explore reading techniques.Reading love “off-topic” is the child in the brain, from one question to another question;Reading too slowly is the child in intensive reading, children should have the freedom to “read a book as many times as possible”;Reading to remember too little is the child in the internalization of knowledge, is to internalize the explicit knowledge of the book into their own tacit knowledge, that is, the knowledge into the process of ability;Reading too fast is the child in extensive reading, real reading needs to read the accumulation of;Not reading the whole book is a child in the selection of books, reading over and over again interested in books, not interested in the book aside, know how to choose, also know how to give up, is a part of the child’s independent reading ability.Reading is a child’s driving instinct, reading picture books, reading classics are parents in control of the steering wheel.Driving skills need to return the steering wheel to the child, let the child naturally to explore, do not need the parents of the training partner next to the command, command, also do not need parents to read code, play.In the self-exploration of reading and driving, children will naturally develop three aspects of reading ability, become “I can read”, become an old driver of reading, find the infinite pleasure of reading.