Fifteen minutes of party and mass service circle strength circle powder add mass happiness

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Go to the farmers market to buy vegetables, to the people screening hall to watch patriotic films, by the way to the community hospital prescribing some medicine…Entered the zhengdong new district of yulin north road and kangping lu intersection of zhengdong new district offices are road sports park service center between the party and the masses, for the convenience of service hall, culture and education center, the medical service center of torre, farmers’ markets, such as facilities, can at home to attend all kinds of activities between the party and the masses, enjoy the “one-stop” service life, local people praised.For days, the reporter visited the city in zhengdong new district, jinshui district, district service center construction operations between the party and the masses, deeply felt each party-mass service center is becoming a propaganda the party’s claim, implement the party’s decisions, strengthen the party leading the grassroots governance “red centre”, the service enterprise development and practice of “the party for the people” concept more thorough popular feeling,Thick and heavy color painting on a picture of well-being of the people.Zhengdong New District: The Multi-dimensional Party and People Service Center has received more than one million people and more than one thousand people from domestic and foreign visiting teams……This is the report card since the operation of the Party and Mass Service Center in the Sports Park of shangdu Road Office. In June 2017, the center was officially put into use, which is the first regional party and mass service center in the province.It is understood that the center set party affairs, government affairs, convenient services as one of the three service functions, a total of 25 functional rooms, involving party member education, mass autonomy, care for the elderly and young, recreational activities, psychological counseling, sports and health, community services, voluntary services and other eight plates, nearly 60 service projects, radiation surrounding 4 communities,Service the masses reached more than 115000 people, more than 60 public units, more than 12000 enterprises, daily activities of party members, social workers and volunteers of more than 200 people, average monthly reception service to the masses more than 8000 people, build up “the villages and towns (street) + regional service center + between village (community) service center between the multiple-layered, differentiation between the service system.The Party and mass Service Center of the Sports Park of Shangdu Road office is just an epitome of zhengdong New District’s efforts to create a “15-minute Party and mass service circle”, enhance the radiating power of the party organization in the community, and provide more accurate and rich services to the masses under its administration.According to “strengthen the community” the job requirement, zhengdong new district based on 15 minutes to build service life circle, in accordance with the residential area from 30000 to 60000, the scale of the industry area from 50000 to 90000 were, on the east side throughout the domain 33 high standard planning regional service center, between each construction scale is about 12000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 14 billion yuan.In order to promote the construction of regional Party-mass Service Center with high quality, give full play to the role of the center as the main front, and promote the formation of a social governance pattern featuring regional co-construction, co-governance and sharing, Zhengdong New District actively draws on the advanced experience of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other regions to formulate the Interim Measures for the Construction and Management of Regional Party-mass Service Center in Zhengdong New District.Define the positioning of the political, cultural, convenient and characteristic functions of the regional party and mass service center, standardize the location, team formation, management mode and service items, strengthen funding guarantee, and strive to build an open, intensive and shared party and mass service front system.At present, seven regional party and mass service centers have been built in Zhengdong New Area. Sports park, Xiong ‘er River Road and Zhengguang Street have been officially put into use, while Hongtu Street and Mingli Road are being renovated and upgraded.Each center adheres to the focus of people’s concept, to the actual demand as the guidance, on the basis of environment friendly, both as a whole cover party construction, administration, education, entertainment, sports, health, rescue, business services, such as, highlight the regional characteristics and some education as the theme, with red some old-age child-care and business services as the main line,It really realized the good situation of the general keynote party building leading and multi-dimensional flowers blooming, greatly enhanced the cohesion and new vitality of the grassroots party building positions, and effectively enhanced the sense of happiness of the people under the jurisdiction.Jinshui District: the masses do business at home really convenient Lantern Festival, Jinshui District Fenghuangtai street Party group service center once again become the area of the residents of the ocean of joy, lantern riddles prize guessing attracted online and offline more than 400 people competing to participate.The party and the masses service Center opens 6,000 square meters of broad mind to residents, covering 24 functional venues, providing services in eight fields, including Party construction, health and sanitation, culture and education, making the dream of “15-minute Party and the masses service circle” come true. The “big data” that serves 1.1 million people in total highlights its superhuman charm and attraction.Similarly, the Fengchan Road Sub-district Party and Mass Service Center, which was just opened in 2021, is a comprehensive service platform for Party members, the masses and market subjects based on the needs of the masses. It has a grand seven-story building, an area of 7,350 square meters, and a total of 46 venues, all shared by the residents of the jurisdiction.In just over half a year of operation, the center became a success, holding 712 activities, receiving 100,436 people and serving 2,567 hours., today, the streets and community level between the service center in jinshui district has presented more layout, full flowering trend to become moist people life circle of “happiness”, which is, in the 17 street level between the service center for phoenix palace, nanyang saemaul undong 12, and putting-in-service proactively, built the basic path of the remaining five are steadily push forward the construction.At the community level, all the party and mass service centers under 500 square meters were cleared by the end of June last year, half a year ahead of the city’s upgrade target;There are 91 party and mass service centers in communities of more than 1,000 square meters.In addition, 17 community party and mass service centers have been transformed into civic centers.Jinshui residents really live ten “circle” perfect convenient and convenient happy life.Open the “happiness circle” of the “golden key” “master switch”, is the Jinshui district anchoring the party to lead, scientific construction, fine service, focus on exploring and creating a new situation of grassroots party and mass service for the people concept of cultivation, expansion and innovation.To pay special attention to the service center of construction between the party and the masses, to do the top-level design of jinshui district, comprehensively strengthen the party leading, with “congress of the party construction with the construction work system” and “people congress co-construction and sharing system” “two systems” as the guarantee, adhering to the service of party members, the masses precisely, “three main” market oriented,By broadening the source channels of housing, optimizing the setting of functional venues, coordinating project construction and management, and innovating operation and management, the “three-level Party and mass service system” of high-standard street level, standardized community level and characteristic Party and mass service station can be realized.Provide close service to erqi district: “five centers” on February 16th, in erqi district fu hua street community service center between 713 people post and LouDongChang Wang Jinghong led some residents represent “a nuclear multivariate” party building kit equipped with the “civil code” : “this box is very practical, later in LouYuan activities more convenient.”This is the daily life of the community Party and Mass Service center.”One-stop” services between the populist center construction area of 1100 square meters, and has set up a convenient service hall, multi-function hall, volunteer service center, etc., necessary conditions of weather stations, the volunteer service, aunt studio, the tide of society, “cloud” services, and other online position, more convenient to residents “order order to resolve the problem,”To provide diversified and characteristic services for residents.In addition to the service center, between the 713 community party committee and the 713 research institute and other units to build, leveraged funds at various levels, such as third-party enterprise investment funds, combined with the old village transformation “a five to three increase”, the advantages of the integration of medical and health, professional endowment resources, prominent, function expansion, the populist convenient,Efforts will be made to build cultural activity centers, day care centers, intelligent medical care centers and health service centers, which will be called “five centers” along with party and mass service centers.The head of the community introduced that the elderly above the age of 60 accounted for nearly a quarter of the area, “close to family, close to acquaintances, close to the hospital” is a common wish of the elderly.For this purpose, the Smart Medical and Nursing Center and day Care Center in the “Five Centers” were built. The smart Medical and Nursing Center, sponsored by the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, covers the CCRC (continuous care community) of the self-care elderly, the assisted elderly, the nursing elderly and the elderly with dementia and disability.By providing the elderly with self-care, care and assistance integrated residential facilities and services.At the same time, it has completed the construction of day care centers, promoted the transformation of “suitable for aging” and the construction of family beds for the elderly, and tried out the mode of “wisdom + medical care”, with supporting biogas workstations, shopping centers and home-based “elderly housekeeper”, which can meet the nine needs of the elderly for food, health, cleanliness and music.The service network combined with point, line and surface enables the elderly to enjoy services at their fingertips.Community culture activity center set display, parent-child experience, the masses activities at an organic whole, comprehensive cultural exhibition hall covers Marine strategy, memory, etc, of the children’s home is characterized by perception of picture books to read, Musical Instruments, parent-child activities, Marine knowledge education, and other functions, fully meet the residents of the masses needs spiritual and cultural life and cultural activities.The community health Service Center integrates the three main lines of “basic community medical care, basic public health, and embedded combination of medical and nursing care”. Through the diversion of high-quality comprehensive medical resources of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, it integrates with family doctors, and cooperates with third-party intelligent information technology and elderly care service institutions.To realize the linkage development of “integration of medical, health and maintenance” and the service mode of “active home care”.For a long time, the “five centers” parallel, formed a 15-minute convenient service circle, radiation around the community 3 kilometers more than 60,000 people, to meet the diverse needs of different groups of people, to effectively improve the level of service to the masses.Zheng Newspaper all media reporter Qin Yanfeng party he Xi Liu Weiping