Travel to North Korea and see beautiful girls everywhere?

2022-06-15 0 By

Traveling to North Korea has become commonplace, with a large number of Chinese tourists entering the country each year.When traveling to North Korea, the consistent impression of tour group members is that the streets are full of beautiful women.The proportion of beautiful women in North Korea is very high, and you can see girls with high appearance everywhere.North Korea has a higher percentage of beautiful women than any other country I’ve been to.Of course, I don’t think north Korean girls are beautiful, there is no bad.In my opinion, there is a human element to this.This is because the north Korean people are assigned jobs by the state.Many girls with good appearance and good temperament will be assigned to foreign industries.Foreign trade in North Korea involves tour guides, shop assistants, hotel attendants and so on.Tourists see beautiful North Korean girls everywhere partly as a result of planned distribution.So tourists will have this impression when they travel to North Korea, they can see beautiful women everywhere.However, according to what I see and hear on the street, the overall appearance level of North Korean girls is very high, the base of North Korean beauty is still very large.In North Korea, there is a saying that north Women and South men, that is to say, North Korea produces beautiful women and South Korea produces handsome men.That seems to me to be a pretty good idea.I’ve been to Korea before and stayed there for a few days, but I didn’t see any decent beauties.It is estimated that some pretty girls in South Korea are working as anchors or stars.North Korean girls are naturally beautiful and tall.They were also well dressed. They didn’t have much jewelry or fashionable hairstyles, and even the fabric of their clothes was rough.But they were dressed simply and neatly.Looks as good as domestic white-collar workers.In contrast, there is a significant gap between the image of North Korean men and women.Most North Korean men are short and dark.The clothes are grey and black jackets, seen from a distance, like the dress of migrant workers.The gap is huge, but the temper of North Korean men is not.North Korean men are said to never do housework at home and to order their wives around.If in China, men like North Korean men would not be able to find wives.But almost all men can find wives in North Korea, and few women in the country file for divorce.Only a man would consider divorce if his wife could not bear children.