National soccer 0-2 Oman, 2 ridiculous ball, Wu Xihao Junyan Junling how to meet sea cucumber?

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On March 30, 2022, China’s national football team has finished the final round of 12 matches in the World Preliminary round.China lost 2-0 to Oman after an hour and a half of fighting without any suspense.Summing up the national football Team’s 10 rounds of top 12 matches, even less than the last round of top 12 matches, this time only got 6 points.What does that mean?That the national football team in the current World Cup cycle, not only did not grow, but is more and more regressive, it is really worrying!With this game, Oman also showed us how they can crush us!In fact, in this match, the two goals were completely caused by ourselves. In the first half, the Chinese players’ prediction ability was obviously not as good as Oman’s.In the second half, China’s lack of coordination and reaction was even more evident.All these are reflected incisively and vividly in the defense and positioning of the National football players, which is enough to see that there are big problems in the overall layout of the National football team and the ability of the players.And Li Xiaopeng from this game, can catch three parallel goods.First of all, in the first half, when the enemy finally moved the ball from the left side to the right side and shot at the far corner, Zhu Chenjie chose to defend. He did not take the initiative to fight as he did in the last game against Saudi Arabia, and other Chinese football players also did not fight. At this time, we can clearly see:YanJunLing defensive stance on some, and by some outside, so too late to go to Oman blocking team player of the year, so the YanJunLing here like playing against Saudi Arabia’s mistake, that is: his anticipation stance is too high, is a little different: this is a forecasting error, that is:Standing a little bit outside, and this time just need him to stand a little bit inside, so, the first half of the game, reflected the Chinese football players flexibility is not enough.The second-half fumble was even worse as the ball was stolen on the dribble by Hao Jun-min and the opponent immediately counter-attacked.Then, the opponent started dribbling along the right side, but Wu Xi, who was responsible for watching the counter player, did not react immediately, so there was a lot of space in the middle, when Wu Xi reacted, it was difficult to get him to defend in place.Wu xi should have had more of this feeling, he should have kept his eyes on the opponent, and more importantly, he didn’t react quickly enough to stop the dribble and disrupt the opponent’s thinking.So, the loss in the second half was due to the coordination between Wu Xi and Hao Junmin and Wu Xi’s reaction.So, the whole game, is wu Xi as the captain took the lead wrong, Wu Xi, Yan Junling and Hao Junmin to take heavy responsibility.Whether Yan Junling stands in front of the problem, or Hao Junmin attack mistakes, and Wu Xi did not react in time to the problem, are enough to see: these national football veterans have formed an inertial thinking, so, dong Lu said that the protective contact, is just a joke.When Li Xiaopeng said in the pre-match press conference that some veterans would leave the national team, after the match, these veterans will leave the national team can not blame Li Xiaopeng.