Lakers wish come true, 2 helpers arrive!James returns champion center +1 potential guard!

2022-06-15 0 By

According to the latest leaks from the lakers’ front office, Pelinka has plans to try to work out a deal with the Kings.The Lakers traded Westbrook, Tucker, Nunn, DeAndre Jordan and a future second-round pick for Buddy Hiard, Tristan Thompson, Louis King and two future second-round picks.If the deal goes through, the lakers’ plan to bring in Hield last season will finally come to pass.In addition, James can play with championship teammates again.By contrast, the outside media was all over the deal.After all, Westbrook’s chemistry with Lebron James and Timberlake is so mediocre that it doesn’t make sense to stay.At this stage, the lakers need instant players.Someone who can score, defend and take the pressure off James.Hield is not a super scorer, but he has nearly 40 percent steady shooting ability, and has some defensive ability.If those two can help James, the lakers will at least have some depth on the defensive end.Of course, if the lakers want to stay in the Western Conference, the veteran players on the bench need to make some adjustments.