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To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.Learn to read, is lit the torch;Every syllable of every word launches Mars.– Victor Hugo Although the discussion of “English is useless” and “English is out of the college entrance examination” has been on the rise from time to time, it can not stop people’s enthusiasm for learning.If you browse zhihu, a popular q&A community, you will find that there are a lot of topics related to “Learning English”, especially “The benefits of learning English” — more than 70,000 followers and nearly 10 million visitors. Behind these numbers, there are people who are ready for opportunities, and they are probably right around you.Whether it is the students who are taking the entrance examination to study abroad, or the office workers who are getting a promotion or salary increase and changing track, or the lifelong learners who are pursuing self-improvement and want to see the bigger world, we can expect that learning English will be practical, economical and beneficial for a long time.I’m sure many of you agree with this, but are often stymied by various “obstacles” in the way of action.Start by memorizing words?· Want to read English books but can’t choose, or can’t understand, read thoroughly, see the effect?· No communication, no feedback, no measurement, no persistence?If you are looking for a good way to “learn English” — welcome to join us. Hongshu Pavilion has held this activity for five consecutive years, with more than 100,000 readers participating.We have grown together with you, and the clock-in activity has been constantly updated, so this “Reading Clock-in Camp” was born for high-level and high-demand English learners.01 Why take “read” camp?Many people doubt that learning English should not memorize words, learn grammar, brush real questions?Did the fear of abandonment come up?!Most people spend more than ten years learning English, not only failed to learn it well but even the last trace of interest has died away, so it can be seen that relying on the above methods can not completely go the way.After years of research, Steven Krashen, an American expert on second language acquisition, pointed out in his book The Power of Reading that reading is the best way to learn a foreign language well.Hongshuge English Reading Camp advocates “reading-oriented”, which helps people arouse interest and confidence in Learning English through reading classic literature and interesting stories.Experts’ lectures serve as a bridge to guide you to find the right way to learn and enter the realm of language charm.How magic is the method of “reading” to break past Misunderstandings in Learning English?Join us and watch the teacher teach you the magic of fishing!Start with “Heartache”, read your first English novel of the Year of the Tiger.The original price of registration is 9.9 yuan, and the group price is 0.99 yuan, less than 1 yuan!Less than a dollar!Less than a dollar!This is how much you can Get – 02 What do you get when you join camp?1) Senior experts lead the reading, exclusive analysis of the best-selling English works of the English major students with excellent performance?The director of the overseas return class?Is that enough?NO!Here, you will meet more authoritative and profound readers — Professor Wei Lingcha, a senior English education expert, will be invited to take apart the good words and sentences of the contemporary best-selling novel “Heartburn” chapter by chapter, unlock the correct and efficient learning methods, and answer your questions and doubts.Professor wei to check | / editor “English world” former editor-in-chief, a former China publishing group, director of the company published in the United States, China translators association, deputy director of the social science translation, the Beijing normal university, xi ‘an international studies university, visiting professor at guangdong foreign studies university and several universities/distinguished teacher, main research field of English education, compiling dictionaries and english-chinese translation.More content will be updated during the event.Use freely have!Deep reading has!You can’t learn a lot of synonyms by rote, you may not be able to remember them, and you may not be able to use them properly. But by reading English novels, everything seems to be solved.In Jane Eyre’s novel, the author uses five different words to describe the same way of saying “go” on a single page.Delta administering the camp: video (see the full contents) for participation have the blessing, scene and plot under their meaning like brush paint, the outline of vivid images in the brain, no hard speakers, can also be impressed, naturally “god”, such as writing, when writing such usage, professor wei will be in the camp of administering the detailed analysis for you.Take the phrase “True to form” for example. You should know all three words, but if you put them together, many people will be confused.It also has a form of True to type, which means “the same as always.” It has a derogatory meaning of “immutable habits.”By reading Flipped (” Flipped “), you will not only know what it means, but also the context in which to use it properly.This is the “register awareness” of language learning.Not only will you encounter hamlet-like characters from Pride and Prejudice, but you will also encounter beautiful sentences like:(第二 套) ② Realizing that my father is to be realized in China. (第二 套) ③Realizing that my father is to be realized in ChinaHad the same sense of humor as Garrett gave me the serious willies. (四期. P.145) ④”Can you get that, Bryce?”Luckily, Granddad beat me to it. (四期.p.146) Do you think the parts marked in red and underlined in the above examples are strange and new?Follow Professor Wei through chapter by chapter disassembling and elaborating, and you will gain these in-depth interpretations.Why do some people get more out of the same book than you do?Professor Wei will explain in detail during the activity!You’ve probably heard of the “21 Days to Make a Habit” rule, but there’s a premise behind it: “It depends on how hard the habit is to make.”In the first phase of the camp, we did not recommend well-known classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and the Great Gatsby, although they are repeatedly mentioned in movies and TV dramas and in English book recommendations.The choice of “Heartache” this best-selling novel, can let more people easily approach English reading.Its blue thought value is only 720L, and its difficulty is close to high school English level.Story themes, dual-perspective writing techniques, and fresh language are close to our lives and easy for us to use after learning;The orientation camp is also arranged for everyone;All of these can effectively help you realize the “21 days of habitual reading”.▽ Daily reminders from the study committee in the community!During the 21 days of the camp, there will be 4 intensive lectures by professors, and each class will leave a “thinking after class”.In the community, the stage of speaking freely, ideas and ideas collide, we learn to have doubts, learn to think, finally learn to gain, absorb more ideas!Participate in the discussion, stick to the clock, complete the book review, and win a prize for the pilot camp!U 2 small pavilion prize laureate eligibility: small cabinet experts, the author of the book reviews the superior quality prize: specify the English titles in each choose 1 painted this small pavilion three popularity award eligibility: no. The public vote book reviews, won the most votes before three authors prizes: specify the English titles in each choose 1 painted this small cabinet to any Flag award eligibility:For readers who have clocked in for 21 days and finished the book (the clocked diary mentioned above shall be subject to the prize) : Designated English book 15 yuan free book voucher ★ Tiger Tiger Shengwei2 Prize1. Listen to the video class and punch in every day.② The required content of “page number + book photo or screenshot” is uploaded.3. Complete and submit the final book review.(2) Bibliography selection range normal People, Born Guilty, Wonder Boy, Of Mice and Men, The Fountain of Youth, The Cricket in Times Square, Edward’s Wonderful Journey, The Little Prince;”The Graveyard Book,” “The Kite Runner,” “Fly like a bird to Your mountain,” “A Thousand Splendid SUNS,” “Tuesdays with Morrie,” “Lord of the Flies,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “A Most Beautiful Pain,” “The Call of the Wild,” “To Kill a Mockingbird.”(3) Awards evaluation Instructions: There will be no repeated selection between the Crown Award, popularity Award and Tiger Tiger Shengwei Award.If any of the top 3 readers in the popular Award voting list have been selected for the Laurel Award/Huhu Shengwei Award, the corresponding number of quota will be automatically extended.”Good English” public account in the background to participate in the original price of 9.9 yuan, double group only 0.99 less than 1 yuan!Less than a dollar!Less than a dollar!Want to know the book in advance?Click here to read the article “Preview”!