When an employee dies at work, the boss is really upset, too

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A migrant worker at a construction site in Wuhan recently died after just one day on the job.The migrant worker was from Hunan province. After his sudden death, his family members gathered more than 20 people to seek compensation from the company in Wuhan.After the judicial appraisal, excluded the production accident, for accidental casualties, the justice institute entered the mediation but the two sides in the compensation amount deadlock, helpless contact Wuhan and Hunan justice institute intervention.Wuhan Institute of Justice thinks that he has already handled the labor service formalities, even if he works for a day, he will be killed.Later, the two places of justice mediation 10 hours, the two sides finally reached an agreement, the company compensation migrant workers 1.2 million yuan, family accommodation costs to pay in addition.But I always thought there was something weird about it.Another thing happened in Sanya.Wang mou entered the company less than 35 days, inexplicable at work time sudden death.Sister repeatedly to the company “theory”, asked for 650,000 yuan compensation fruitless.To this, the responsible person of this company expresses, Wang mou is suspected to work with illness, stem from morality, the company is willing to pay 100 thousand yuan following compensation money, because the family member puts forward compensation money is exorbitant, suggest its take legal procedure to solve this matter.The truth of the matter requires further follow-up.The extent of the causal link between going to work and sudden death is unclear, but capitalists are being blamed online.Scolding capitalists is of course the most politically correct current of public opinion, and we all need an emotional outlet.But this kind of thing, I still squat a follow-up and specific, rigorous investigation results (mainly whether there is really overtime, overtime how long and overtime and sudden death of the correlation degree, causal connection degree investigation).This kind of rumor, very can hit the worker’s sore point, also can make the boss shiver indeed.From time to time, we also see news that some employees of the company have died while working overtime during the Spring Festival.Every time I see this kind of rumor, I am shocked.Just think about it, if our company has such a few things or accidentally a few work-related injuries, the company’s compensation pressure will be very big.How can this risk be reduced?One way is to hire fewer people (” one of them “means not” the only one “.There are of course many ways to reduce risk, and this is just “one of them”).The result of less hiring is that many people are competing for a job or can’t find one.I don’t really care about the company’s labor relations now because I’m afraid of the risk.My own business matters, I can hire part-time rather than full-time (of course, also because it is difficult to find suitable).As a result, I expressed this on social media and got hung up and yelled at.Many people first define me as “on the side of capital”, and then, they don’t look at what you have to say, they are eager to pull you out of the focus of criticism.Yes, on the Internet, show off your tongue fast, tree a “fictitious enemy” abuse, attack, how easy ah.But in real life, your inability to find a job and your inability to compete in the workplace is solved by name-calling and aggression?Also some people say, want to reduce employee inductrial injury, because of work death to bring the risk to the company, can buy life insurance to the employee, buy more commercial insurance and so on means to solve…….Yes, this is certainly a good solution, but the problem is that most small and medium-sized enterprises can not afford to hire “such requirements” staff.Well, it’s not exactly unaffordable.What does life insurance and commercial insurance matter if you can add more value to your company?The boss will pay you whatever you want, even pour your foot wash every night.Before I worked for the unit’s brother, some will buy life insurance and commercial insurance for employees, provide every day afternoon tea, fitness equipment of office space, and even have a solution to the housing, however, the entry threshold of these units is not generally high, general ability of people even have no chance to resume, not to mention induction.So, at the end of the day, a lot of things are a game between labor and management.You’re capable and have a “do it yourself” mindset, and your boss will fight tooth and nail to keep you.Your ability is poor, the boss can give you corresponding treatment according to the regulation of labor law only, would rather compensate you even salary of two months, also want to let you roll.On the premise of effective regulation by market means (let alone units within the system), bosses and employees are supposed to “cooperate with each other”. There is really no need to put themselves in the position of victims when it comes to labor disputes and take pleasure in abusing and attacking irrelevant people.Does it cost nothing to run a business?If the cost of running a company exceeds the profit, then closing the company and laying off all the employees is the last way to stop the loss. Otherwise, are you starting a company as a boss for charity?I’ve seen more bosses shut down in the last two years.You can also observe for yourself how many shops are closed in your neighborhood, how many office buildings are vacant in your neighborhood.In the same ecological environment, we are all in the same boat. There are confrontations and games, but we also need sincere cooperation.Why should the government reduce the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises?Only by keeping them alive can we create a large number of jobs and stabilize the whole society.Now the Internet is good….You call for the establishment of “work for yourself” thinking, feeling that the boss is also very afraid of the accident of employees, said you want to cut leeks, blame workers are not durable.Then you continue to do what you do, eat and wait for death, continue to scold capitalists on the Internet to exploit you, squeeze you!See how few capitalists are willing to give people like you the chance to be exploited and squeezed.032008 Guangzhou Spring Travel, I did not personally experience, because I took my parents to Guangzhou ahead of time for the New Year.I can’t live in my own rented house (I bought a house in 2009), and my father and my younger brother went to the city to rent a farmer’s house for a short time.It was really cold that year. We took all the quilts and clothes to keep out the cold and still shivered.The ice disaster is common in southern China, and we have no experience in dealing with the ice disaster. The roads are blocked and the planes are out of service. Everyone is looking forward to taking the train home, but the train is also delayed because of the cold disaster, causing more than 100,000 passengers stranded in the small guangzhou railway station square.I saw the crowds in the square of Guangzhou railway station on the TV news and thought, why do they have to go home?Wouldn’t it be better to spend the Spring Festival there?It could easily go wrong.Also after that year, the country vigorously developed high-speed rail…In the future, this phenomenon may become a thing of the past, but new disasters and challenges will challenge the government’s emergency management capacity.I’m going to say this myself with the lid on my pot: A recent employee of Tencent who was born in the 1990s complained about the company before he resigned, saying that working 20 hours of overtime in a row was equivalent to sudden death and asking why the company celebrates such a culture.My first reaction was that the family should have prepared enough back-up for him.Whether a project or work is urgent or not, the information at the grass-roots level may not be comprehensive.The delay of each job post may affect the paralysis of the work in other fields in A large area, because work A and work B are interlinked and there is A great conduction effect.Senior positions are aware of this and may issue such instructions, but those at the grassroots level may only feel that “the leader is persecuting himself” and “the unit or company is oppressing me” (I did not say that there is no such possibility, maybe Tencent is such a possibility).Take the 2008 Guangzhou Spring Festival transport, for example, the military and police involved in emergency response really hard.Ta do not know when the railway is fixed, even if fixed, the linkage of the two departments, from the top to the bottom of the message also exists a lag, but Ta or strict execution of superior orders, hungry, cast into a human wall to protect the lives and property of the masses.After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine, in order to prevent the accident from causing a greater disaster, some researchers are taking their lives to fix loopholes.They were exposed to a great deal of radiation and soon died in agony, but they saved the city from even greater disaster and loss.I call that dedication.It is the dedication of people from all walks of life that makes our society run effectively.Each of us is committed to our jobs, not only for ourselves, but also for the whole society.We all depend on the work of others for our own convenience (e.g., police officers working overtime, doctors, etc.), and we also work to make others feel convenience.Professionalism, the core point is to carry out orders.If a certain industry, the post is too volume, then do not enter this industry, rather than into, a meeting overtime and other emergencies, scold superiors, scold the company.The reason why the new employee dares to scold is because he or she may have a wider choice of exit.Ordinary people stepping into their roles and cheering for them?Forget it.All want shelter, who will be the harbor?On the Internet, once there is a labor dispute, standing on the side of the workers is the least likely to be scolded.I feel speechless for this kind of thinking mode of “only look at position, don’t ask right and wrong twists and turns”.Let me give you an example.A friend’s brother opened a freight company in a small city with 18 lines.Now that transportation costs are higher, it is not profitable to run a freight company.A year down, minus all kinds of costs, also can earn tens of thousands of dollars.In a bad year, they make tens of thousands.If there’s an accident, years of profits have to go in.Last year, they had an accident: a truck driver drunk, turning a corner hit a motorcyclist, the motorist died after rescue.The traffic police department decided that the truck driver took full responsibility.My friend’s brother asked the truck drivers not to drink and obey the traffic rules, but they didn’t listen, and my friend’s brother didn’t sign a written liability statement with them. Now, after an accident, they are facing the problem of compensation.Truck drivers constitute traffic accident crime, how long to prison mainly depends on the amount of compensation.He had an accident while working for the company, so the company pays for it.The insurance paid some, the company paid some, the friend’s brother asked the driver to pay some of his own, but he couldn’t come up with the money and went to jail for a few months.After release from prison, the driver from now on the brother of a friend, that is they do not agree to lose money, just lead to his prison time extension, then, every three or five door-to-door harassment……But from his friend’s brother’s point of view, what was wrong with him?His biggest mistake was hiring the driver.It’s not easy being a small boss.A lot of times when the truck drivers are off, he’s busy.All the profits accumulated after two years of hard work were used to fill the hole.It was the equivalent of two years of hard work, and he and his family did not enjoy a penny, but because of the truck driver’s mistake.Of course, that’s a risk the boss should take, and nothing to complain about.Admit it, pay the bill, just OK.I just think….Now no matter what problem is discussed on the net……It’s like only opposites are right.You pointed out the collective plight of women, and you were accused of boxing.It is not easy for you to say that your boss is a capitalist.You casually write a marriage, women are said to thirst for diao, marriage donkey, men are said to look for sex slaves, looking for a nanny.Why do we have to see things so oppositely?If the whole human society is regarded as a forest, then every species in the forest may affect the entire ecological environment.Man or not, woman or not, capital or not, labor or not…..Are all part of this ecological chain.As long as you are in this ecological chain, no one is naturally weak and has the ability to check and balance others.Which side is bullied hard, the other side will be back.Take the evil custom of favoring boys over girls in rural areas for example, as a result of its long-term prevalence, it will eventually lead to the occurrence of single villages, and men have to bear high bride price.Capital to engage in 996, to work people have no way to live, may eventually bring their own disaster.If a migrant worker takes a job and asks the boss to treat him as an emperor, the company may not be able to afford such a high cost, and the migrant worker may lose more labor opportunities.Everything has to be in a dynamic equilibrium.When we discuss these issues, we can speak for the underdog and call on them not to be biased, but at the same time, we should have a higher, farther and more overall vision and find this “point” of dynamic balance.Are you right?This is the best encouragement –END– By Yan Lingyang, post-80s, emotion columnist, new feminist writer, member of China Writers association.He is the author of bestselling books Such as “What Hurts You, One day You Will Say It with a Smile”, “May you let go of the past and Deserve the Future”, “May you Have a Journey and an escape Route”, “I Got Divorced”, “I am not Lonely with You — An Alternative Interpretation of Jin Yong’s Martial arts novels” and children’s picture book “Mom’s House, Dad’s House”.With 13 years of experience in financial industry (management), he is the founder of a cultural information consulting company in Guangzhou and the co-founder of a cultural media company.Born in Lijiang, Yunnan province, he now lives in Guangzhou.Welcome to follow the wechat public number: Yan Lingyang Micro-blog: Yan Lingyang ~PS: all the pictures from the network.