The Spring Festival is a healthy year

2022-06-14 0 By

Reporter Lv Li on February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year.Wang Kunpeng, 39, cycled 46.26 kilometers in 2 hours and 10 minutes with seven fellow riders from dalian Navigator Cycling Club.”Riding on the road, scenery in mind!Put some movement into the flavor of The New Year. Continue tomorrow!”Wang Kunpeng, who works in Tile Shaft Group, said that he was very busy with his work in normal days, and he was very happy to enjoy the sports time during the Spring Festival holiday.Wang kunpeng said that he worked out “without closure” during the holidays because he lost weight, had normal blood pressure and was more positive and sunny after cycling.Under his influence, many colleagues and friends around have put down their mobile phones and moved away from the card tables and drinking tables.”Our unit is specially equipped with a gym of nearly 1,000 square meters to encourage staff to exercise more after work and make exercise a habit of life.”Kun-peng wang said, the good news, not only in the recent “dalian city sports enterprise development” difference “planning” in dalian in terms of the national fitness facilities construction, in addition to a new batch of large and medium-sized multi-purpose stadium, demonstration sports park, smart fitness path, will also be new or modified bicycle fitness track, suburban hiking trails, etc.,”When the ’10 Minutes’ fitness circle is completed, it will get the whole nation moving!”During the Spring Festival holiday, yu Shidong, a 76-year-old retired worker from Dalian Port of Liaoning Port Group, also chose to exercise for the New Year.”Now everyone pays attention to health. It is better to invite people to eat than to invite people to sweat. During the Spring Festival holiday, I invited several old friends to play ball games.”At the Dalian Civic Fitness Center, Yu Shidong, who had just finished a table tennis match, said better sports facilities and more favorable sports policies have turned many citizens from spectators into participants.According to Dalian citizen fitness center guidance and training department director Julie introduction, three days before the Spring Festival holiday, more than one thousand people exercise fitness every day.To arouse the public’s enthusiasm for exercise, free exercise coupons will be distributed on February 15 (Lantern Festival) to invite the public to exercise in the Chinese New Year and enjoy the healthy Year.