Many provinces have announced that their social security cards have been upgraded and will be able to be used in this way in the future to receive early benefits

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Article: Gu Xiadu said that the social security card is life card, so the importance of social security card is self-evident.Such as our medical reimbursement or pension, are inseparable from the social security card, and China has already begun to expand the scope of use of social security card.We remember social Security as a card, but many people don’t use it anymore.After the social security card’s functions are constantly updated, the social security card has also been updated, and the electronic social security card has begun to be widely used.Electronic social security card is an effective electronic voucher for online application of social security card, which is corresponding to the physical social security card. It is unified and universal throughout the country, and has a series of functions such as identity certificate, information record and self-help inquiry.After receiving an electronic social security card, the cardholder no longer needs to carry a physical social security card with him or her. He or she can swipe a code to make a payment, just like showing a physical social security card.In addition to online payment and settlement for medical treatment, we can also apply online insurance payment and other scenarios, which is very convenient.The emergence of electronic social security cards makes the application and service of cardholders more convenient. After the continuous advancement of electronic social security cards and the richness of their functions, now many people directly use electronic social security cards to pay for medical insurance when going to hospitals, and the number of people holding physical social security cards is obviously less.However, the emergence of electronic social security cards is not to replace physical social security cards. Many elderly people cannot use smart phones and electronic social security cards, so physical social security cards are still the main way to use them.From the beginning of last year, there are many areas spread the “third generation of social security card!”The social Security card update is not over yet, it seems.For example, at the beginning of March last year, the first ceremony of the third generation of social security card in Zhejiang province was held. On the basis of the original function unchanged, the third generation of social security card implemented the unified card surface of the whole province, and also increased the non-contact function of “flash by”, making the social security card more powerful in various fields.So far, pensions, unemployment benefits and all kinds of benefits and subsidies will be realized through the third generation of social security cards, directly into personal accounts.In addition, the third generation of social security cards also fully support instant settlement of national medical insurance employment and the “transportation union” and other functions.In addition, at the end of last year, Jiangsu province also announced that it had issued more than 5.6 million third-generation social security cards, and the third generation of social security cards, transport cards, travel cards, medical cards, financial cards, consumption cards and other multifunctional integration, can also carry the card to take the bus, borrow books, parks and so on.And Jiangsu province also proposed that in the future to promote the Yangtze River Delta in the realization of transportation “card”.The third generation of social security card is an upgrade of the original social security card, with more complete functions. After loading many new functions, the new generation of social security card enables the residents of the province to experience a more convenient life.Now, many provinces still use the way of natural replacement for issuance, the natural transition to the third generation of social security cards, and card holders can directly apply for a voluntary replacement, online and offline can be replaced.After the popularization of the third generation of social security cards, people can use the new generation of social security cards to enjoy more services, if there is a need for cardholders can apply as soon as possible!This article is originally produced by Jufu Finance. Please do not reprint it without permission.