Grid member: To protect the people safe Chinese New Year

2022-06-14 0 By

Yumen City new downtown streets Yuguan Road community grid member Zhang Yonghua household visit security.Gansu Legal newspaper reporter Wei Shidong correspondent Liu Lili “The New Year, residents fry fry, home appliances fire fully open, fire hazards, our main task this morning is in the grid to carry out safety hidden trouble investigation and safety publicity.”On January 28, the sky is just bright, Yumen City new downtown street office Yuguan Road community grid member Zhang Yonghua came to her jurisdiction marriott community to carry out the Spring Festival security inspection, Zhang Yonghua and residents warmly greet, while introducing the situation.During the Spring Festival, grid staff should collect information, publicize policies, collect civil conditions, mediate disputes, check hidden dangers, and prevent and control the epidemic.”I’ll see if anyone’s charging.”Zhang Yonghua came to the utility room on the first floor, said while checking the electric motorcycle parked downstairs.”The cable should not be too long, so as not to trip over the elderly, or children curious to touch the socket, you should not leave people when charging.”In front of the building, Zhang yonghua repeatedly told the guards to make sure residents put away the wiring boards when they are not charging.Subsequently, Zhang Yonghua began to go door to door investigation, propaganda safety common sense.Every one, she had to be careful to check the residences are natural gas, gas cylinder is installed gas alarm, whether the wire circuit tracking, check the corridor inside the fire hydrant, fire extinguishers, check the basement for storing inflammable and explosive items, and there will be recorded in detail the security hidden danger, put forward rectification requirements in a timely manner.Zhang Yonghua also patiently introduced to each household residents the basic common sense and attention to daily use of fire, electricity and gas, and issued a “safety knowledge sheet” to improve residents’ awareness of potential safety hazards, as a security guard for residents.From the community, it is lunch time, Zhang Yonghua hurried home for lunch.In the afternoon, she and her colleagues began to inspect the street shops in the grid.Every into a shop, she has to check whether the shop is equipped with temperature guns, masks, disinfection items and other epidemic prevention materials, and asked whether there is a foreign return of jade personnel in and out of the shop to remind businesses into the store customers must be ledger registration, temperature, double code, do a good job of epidemic prevention and control.Shop inspection is not over, Zhang Yonghua received a call from the police said that the grid residents ye and neighbors Zhou due to the problem of drainage disputes, grid members and police together to mediate.Zhang Yonghua hurried to the police room, the parties have been arguing.”Have a word to say well, everybody is the neighbor of the neighborhood!”Zhang Yonghua quickly advised.After nearly two hours of mediation, the two parties finally reconciled.Mediation after the end of the outside is already thousands of lights, silver trees, but the more this time, the more busy grid member.Zhang yonghua and other community grid members continue to inspect shops, guarding the safety of the festival.