Emperor Wudi’s four women are all legends. Who does he love most?

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As one of the most famous and wise Kings in the Western Han Dynasty, Liu Che, emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, was the king who brought the Western Han dynasty to the most powerful and prosperous.Since ancient times, many successful emperors had to have a “good wife” to match their country’s prosperity.For example, Emperor Taizong li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty had Empress Changsun, Emperor Kangxi had Empress Xiao Zhaoren, empress Ma of Emperor Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty, and so on. These emperors were all emperors with great talent and wisdom in history, and their queens were also famous for their virtue and virtue.However, Liu Che, emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, was an exception. He had many women in his life, but only four women were famous in history, and all of them were legends, especially his empress, Wei Zifu.Therefore, scholars have a heated discussion about who Emperor Wudi loved the most.Rely on favor upon and arrogant han Wudi liu Che among the harem, the first empress that belongs to him Chen Ajiao, second empress Wei Zifu, favor concubine Li and hook Yi madam are most famous.Emperor Wudi was known for his love of beautiful women, so all his wives were beautiful.Chen Ajiao is the daughter of Han Jingdi long princess Liu Piao, in the mother’s arrangement to marry a lot smaller than their Own Liu Che.Later, liu Che successfully became the crown prince and the seventh emperor of the Western Han Dynasty with the help of Liu Piao.After Liu Che ascended the throne, Chen Ajiao was conferred the title of queen, to her is also endowed with grace.Liu Che at the beginning of Chen Ajiao or have a good feeling, but this feeling is based on his gratitude for the help of Liu Piao, he and Chen Ajiao get along with the model is treat each other as guests.In fact, if it is not Chen Ajiao mother and daughter make their own words, she can and Liu Che has been so dawei to the old, even if in the future old color decline is no longer spoiled, but also not lose the position of the queen.Chen Ajiao’s mother Liu Piao princess battle with their help Liu Che boarded the throne this matter is always with Liu Che for money, although he is the emperor, but the Treasury’s money is not literally can be used.As time passes, Liu Che begins to get tired of growing princess, and then produces disgust to Chen Ajiao.This Chen Ajiao temperament with her mother in the same way, by Liu Che alone pet insolent.But just enthroned Liu Che in order to stabilize the throne can only accommodate their mother and son, but he also gradually cold to the pet of Chen Ajiao.The following year, Emperor Wudi met the beautiful young Wei Zifu at the princess’s palace in Pingyang and brought her back to his palace.Weizifu to the western Han Palace did not immediately get Liu Che’s favor, but was hung in the harem for more than a year.Until Liu Che ordered those old and infirm palace people out of the palace, Weizifu ran to Liu Che crying out of the palace, Liu Che suddenly remembered harem and such a beauty, then again dote on Weizifu, and this time she was very pregnant.Since then Weizifu pet crown liugong, know the truth of Chen Ajiao crying non-stop, also to death, make Liu Che upset.Chen Ajiao married Liu Che for many years have no children, let just into the palace did not how long weizifu took the upper hand, under her anger secretly implemented the witchcraft of the trick.Soon Chen Ajiao things happened, Liu Che abandoned her post and put her under house arrest in changmen Palace, Chen Ajiao here after many years of melancholy.Empress died in the second year of Chen Ajiao’s downfall, Weizifu pregnant again and successfully gave birth to the first son for emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, 29 years old Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty has a kind of “old son” joy and satisfaction, he will not be stingy with all his love to Weizifu and the eldest son.Immediately afterwards, Emperor Wudi issued an edict to confer the title of Empress on Wei Zifu and crown prince on his eldest son Liu Ju when he was seven years old.Weizifu is a dancer born in place in the palace queen, she was liu Che pet on the sky.But she and Chen Ajiao is different, Weizifu never rely on pet and arrogant.Instead, because she is in this important position, she is self-disciplined, because she knows that the grace will not accompany her forever, one day she will be old and faded, so how to secure the status now?Of course, rely on a common heart.During her reign, she never competed for favor and had a good reputation in the court. She had good virtue and a fair way of doing things.In the dynasty because of her relationship, brother Wei Qing and nephew Huo Qubing have been reused, and military power in hand.Often think of here, Weizifu heart is always apprehensive.Because she knows the truth that fills extremely will decline, so expensive she is empress still every day carefully, tread on thin ice.She is old, Liu Che side with Mrs. Wang, Mrs. Li and Mrs. Hook Yi to replace her to obtain favor.Never jealous, she felt that 15 years of liu che’s affection was enough.Weizifu so unarrogant and impetuous conduct makes her deeply liu Che’s trust, even in Wei Qing and Huo Qubing died after many years she still get Liu Che’s respect and love.Later, after the outbreak of gongsun He wu Gu case, crown Prince Liu Jiu was framed by treacherous ministers and was implicated.Liu Was unwilling to be manipulated by treacherous officials, so secretly mobilized troops to eradicate treacherous officials.I did not expect to be the first step to liu Che accused him of treason.Later Liu Ju was killed in the turmoil and Weizifu was deposed by Liu Che for his son’s fault.Weizifu can not bear such humiliation committed suicide in the pepper room hall.The mother of 38 years under the world wei Zifu died suddenly in unexpected circumstances.Grace concubine Weizifu reign, queen wang Lady, Mrs. Li and Hook Yi Lady had won the favor, which only Mrs. Li’s favor is the largest.Therefore, the later generation guessed that emperor Wudi’s favorite woman was Actually Madame Li.Mrs. Li was the younger sister of li Yannian, a famous musician, and Li Guangli, a famous general in the Western Han Dynasty.His family was born a commoner, but it was in their DNA to know music and dance for a living.Li yannian was executed by Liu Che for his mistakes and kept a dog in the palace for many years.Later, because of the musical talent was Appreciated by Liu Che, she sang in front of Liu Che: “there are beautiful women in the north, leaning the state city” his sister sent to Liu Che’s arms.Mrs. Li, who is not only talented and beautiful, but also good at singing and dancing, has become liu Che’s new favorite.But Mrs Li was a fickle woman who died after giving birth to a son for Liu Che.When she was seriously ill, Liu Che often visited her. When she was haggard and unwilling to meet, Liu Che promised her: “If you will see me once, I will give your brother a noble position.”But even so Mrs Li still refused to meet, Liu Che can only walk away.Mrs Li do not want to opinion Liu Che is afraid of her to see his appearance now let him down in the heart, no longer treat his family, it is better to leave a thought to Liu Che.When Madame Li died, Liu Che was overwhelmed with grief and buried her with the rites of a queen mother.Every night he hopes to meet Mrs Li in a dream, so at the Taoist altar practice to Mrs Li evocation.In addition, the favor also extended to Mrs. Li’s family. This is the first time that the family is still valued after the death of the empress, which shows how deep Liu Che’s love for Mrs. Li is.And the idioms we often use to describe beautiful women, such as “a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman,” are from Liu Che’s poem in memory of Mrs. Li.It can be imagined that if Mrs. Li is not beautiful, how can liu Che’s love?Most can reflect Liu Che love Mrs Li is that he had left will before death, later to Mrs Li funerary mausoleum, since ancient times only queen funerary customs, but Liu Che to Mrs Li specially changed the rules set by the ancestors.Hook Yi lady was liu Che into the harem because she was born to make a fist, she has many legendary colors.After she entered the palace, she gave birth to Liu Fuling for 14 months and got liu Che’s attention.Liu according to the event, Liu Fuling was established as the crown prince, but gave the dead hook Yi Lady.It can be seen that Liu Che is grateful to Chen Ajiao, in Weizifu may have liked, but the last two people still become respectful husband and wife.The pamper of others is the normal harem, only Mrs Li can let him heart broken, it can be seen that he loves Mrs Li.