Chuan Wei back in March, will imitate Luo Yonghao do hang kind of live

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Whipniu shi news on February 13, according to 36 krypton reported, Weiya or at the latest in March this year in Taobao re-broadcast, “Weiya shop taobao will resume online, the future is still in the form of live work, account name and fans will not change.”On December 20, 2021, the Inspection bureau of Hangzhou Tax Bureau investigated and dealt with huang Wei (net name: Weiya), a network anchor, for her suspected tax evasion and evasion, and made a decision of tax administrative punishment, including tax payment, late payment and fine of 1.341 billion yuan.Subsequently, Weiya whole network account was blocked one after another.At the same time, recently, in the dot tao App, a named “bee surprise Club” account began to live, familiar with The fans of Weya found that these broadcast anchors are previously appeared in the broadcast room to help weya, “Weya back” news also began to spread in the fan group.An industry told whip cow, wei ya this comeback, not my comeback, but the establishment of direct channel brand, similar to Suning Tesco, Gome and other brand stores, will use a unified direct brand, such as food and drinks, wei ya direct clothing, WEI ya direct household daily.”Viya will probably take her supply chain capabilities and export them to N vertical broadcast rooms, such as food and wine broadcast rooms, clothing broadcast rooms, household daily chemical broadcast rooms.”The personage revealed that the benefits of doing so lie in: 1, it is to avoid resources too concentrated in the head, resulting in a single income, poor ability to resist risks and other problems.2. Go to the head, go to the network, and change the brand power of WEya into the brand power of channels.”Instead of believing in Viya personally, we believe in channel brands.”This approach is not a precedent, luo Yonghao behind “make a friend” as early as last year began the layout of vertical type of e-commerce.In July 2021, Luo Yonghao said in an interview with Sohu Technology that the next stage of livestream e-commerce will definitely see a number of big vertical anchors, “so we are also actively cultivating talents in this field.”At that time, Huang He, CEO of Friends, said, “The GMV share of Luo’s personal live broadcast in our company has dropped to 40%.”As of December 18, we have opened 9 vertical numbers, such as drinks and food for friends, sports and outdoor for friends, etc.Among them, zhu Xiaomu made a friend of the wine food repeatedly washed up on the first list of wine category with goods.Vertical live streaming is considered by many industry insiders to be a 3.0 form of live streaming following the head masters and brand live streaming, which is increasingly accepted by more platforms.Douyin supports the official live broadcast account “Douyin Mall official Live Broadcast Room”, which mainly sells beauty makeup, home care, food and beverage, etc.According to Feigua, “Douyin Mall official broadcast room” ranked 55th in the monthly list of beauty’s supermarket ranked 20th on the monthly list in the home care sector.As a top anchor can Weiya make a comeback in the vertical type of live broadcast?Bullwhip will continue to follow up.(Text by Whip Niusdawei)