Wuling District Baima Lake street held the leadership party history study education thematic democratic life

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Massachusetts moment changde Jan. 27 – (correspondent Bai Hao) on Jan. 25, wuling district baima lake street party history study education project democratic life, a leadership meeting presided over by the secretary of the party working Fu Dasheng street, street team members to attend the meeting, the district party committee standing committee, organization department minister Yang Mobing, deputy prefects Chen Wei such as a line of people present at the meeting.Conference site.The meeting briefed on the preparation of the democratic life and the implementation of the reform of the democratic life in 2021.On the meeting, the street party working committee secretary Fu Dasheng on behalf of the party working committee team for a comparative inspection, a profound analysis of the political thought, state of mind, work style and other aspects of the main problems and the cause of the problem, put forward the direction of the future efforts and rectification measures.Subsequently, members of the remaining group of the Party working Committee carry out self-analysis one by one, and humbly accept everyone’s opinions and suggestions.At the meeting, Yang Mobing made comments on the street leadership, pointing out that the street party working committee of the democratic life will be fully prepared, check the comprehensive and profound, the courage to self-anatomy, dig the root of the problem, mutual criticism and openness, to achieve consensus, enhance unity.At the same time, Yang Mobing according to the baima Lake street work actual, pay special attention to the team’s own construction put forward four suggestions: one is to firm ideals and beliefs, armed mind;Second, we need to make thorough rectification and have the courage to improve;Third, to integrate into the grass-roots, improve the style;Fourth, we need to inject vitality and invigorate our spirits.At the end of the meeting, Fu Dasheng said: White Horse Lake street will strictly implement the guidance of the leadership measures;Constantly improve the style of work, adhere to the fighting spirit;Build strong team, do unity;The streets will unite and reach a consensus and make unremitting efforts to build a “happy White Horse Lake in the exquisite new area”.