Tomorrow night, oil prices adjust again!

2022-06-13 0 By

Domestic oil prices are expected to rise tomorrow night (24:00 On February 17), the fourth increase since New Year’s Day 2022, and the highest increase in nearly seven years, due to the impact of rising international oil prices.At present, the international oil market is strong in reality but weak in expectation. It takes time for the supply to increase after the Iranian nuclear agreement is reached, and at present, the US has low inventory and is difficult to replenish, so the international crude oil price may continue to be strong.It is highly likely that the retail price limit of domestic refined oil products will be raised on February 17, when the retail price limit of domestic refined oil products may achieve “four consecutive increases”.There is only one day left before the opening time of this round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window. Please prepare for the oil price increase. The latest oil price is forecast to increase by about 185 yuan/ton, which is converted into about 0.15 yuan/liter.Source: Hubei Release, Xinhua News Agency, today’s oil prices