The workers of Subway Line 10 will spend the Spring Festival on the first line

2022-06-13 0 By

Jinyun news: “Mom, this year’s New Year will not go home, the project here during the Spring Festival will not stop, rest assured, the epidemic prevention here is very comprehensive, you take care of yourself!”Jia Xiaonan, an employee of Tianjin Railway Construction Company of China Railway Sixth Engineering Bureau, put on his safety helmet and went into the construction site to direct the operation after talking with his family on the phone.The liyuantou depot and the whole track laying project of Tianjin Metro Line 10, which is responsible by Tianjin Railway Construction Company of China Railway Sixth Bureau, is in the critical period of construction.In order to ensure the completion of the task of opening Line 10, many workers could not go home for the Spring Festival and chose to stick to the front line.”The acceleration of the construction of Line 10 met with the Spring Festival and the epidemic. In order to avoid the major impact of the epidemic, the project department arranged all the work in advance. As early as mid-January, the Tianjin Metro Line 10 project issued an initiative, calling on all the builders to treat the construction site as home if they do not go back home during the Spring Festival this year.”Project party branch secretary Wang Kui introduced.In order to let the staff feel at ease during the Spring Festival at the site, the project department adopted a series of “heart-warming measures” to stay the workers during the Spring Festival.Reserve sufficient and abundant supplies for the Spring Festival in advance, and arrange air-conditioned dormitories for workers.During the Spring Festival, movies and Spring Festival Gala will be played in the project meeting room, and fitness room will be opened to carry out activities such as heart-warming New Year’s Eve dinner, fun sports meeting and get-together, so as to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of workers and make them feel the strong flavor and warmth of the New Year.At the same time, certain material rewards will be given to make the workers feel safer, more secure and have a sense of gain.”Quick, everyone grasp the temperature to get on the bus, immediately to start.”Sun Wenyou, the shift leader, took the roll call and measured the temperature. Every day at 6:30, he took the workers to the site by bus.During the Spring Festival, tianjin Metro Line 10 has about 200 track-laying workers.To do a good job in epidemic prevention and control project department formulate epidemic prevention and control measures, and co-workers will one day in advance health code, code, nucleic acid testing report and identity information submitted to the civil engineering unit for the record registration, construction on the day of the point-to-point transfer to ensure the construction site and post two point one line, into civil units fit check health code and stroke code.Not only the site is safe, but the living area is even more so. Dormitory, office area, canteen and other places are disinfected once every morning, middle and night.Daily temperature monitoring should be carried out and all staff should wear masks.Express packages must be disinfected before they can be brought in. Meals at different peak times, tables and boxes are divided to protect workers’ health through strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.”I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat my hometown’s mutton steamed buns this Spring Festival.””Jia xiaonan joked with colleagues in the evening canteen.”Yes!Pig ah, sheep ah soon to the project department!””Pork, mutton and beef are all slaughtered on the spot to ensure fresh supply, so that everyone can eat safely and healthily,” said Sister Liu, the kitchen chef.As of press time, the project is progressing safely, and the on-site personnel are healthy and orderly.(Jinyun News reporter Dong Lijing)