The whole province propaganda culture system cadre style congress convenes

2022-06-13 0 By

The work style conference of cadres of the provincial propaganda and culture system was held today, conveying the spirit of learning from the province’s 2022 work mobilization Conference and the seventh Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and making arrangements and deployment for the province’s propaganda and culture front to practice excellent work style and strive to keep positive innovation.Provincial party committee standing committee, propaganda minister Bai Yugang attended the meeting and speech.The meeting pointed out that from the height of “the great country”, a deep understanding and understanding of propaganda ideological and cultural work in the overall significance and role.We should take the Party’s innovative theory as the foundation for settling down and living. We should take the time to learn it, learn it from the ground up, learn it repeatedly through reflection, learn it in the face of problems, and test it with political execution.We need to measure the effectiveness of publicity by the people’s sense of happiness and security. We need to stay on top of integrity and make innovations, and comprehensively strengthen our capacity for innovation in publicity, ideology and culture.We need to be strict, practical, detailed, practical, and fast. We need to build a contingent of officials who are politically competent, highly skilled, realistic and innovative, and capable of winning battles.The provincial propaganda and culture system should act quickly, do solid work, be advanced to the standard, strive for the first class, and earnestly implement the provincial party committee’s requirements of “innovation leading the way, gather strength to achieve new breakthroughs”.