Moment of life and death: the police will carry explosives on the back of the gangster in a critical moment

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From 17:00 on October 23, 2013 to 10:30 on October 24, in these 17 and a half hours, Chuzhou city, located in the east of Anhui, is entering the late autumn frost season, in the intermittent chill, people work as usual, rest, work, everything looks so calm.However, in a secret front, chuzhou more than 400 public security police and armed police officers and men are experiencing a difficult task, the difficulty is great, at any time there is a danger of life after the fierce battle.Their opponent, though only one man, was carrying several kilograms of dynamite and several detonators, and was determined to make the dynamite explode in Chuzhou…At 17:00 on October 23, Chuzhou Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province received the notification of hubei Public Security Department:At noon on October 22, a vicious murder took place in Yangzhai Town, Guangshui City, Hubei Province. Yan Xianglin, a man from Yangzhai Town, Guangshui City, Hubei Province, hired blasting man Yan Xiaolin in the name of digging Wells. After Yan Xiaolin was killed, he took six kilograms of explosives, 20 electric detonators and a motorcycle obtained by the blasting operation and fled.Compared to the notification of ring physical Lin yan, clothes, carrying goods and the description of the mobile phone number, “after the check, sound long-term and ping ping Lin yan (not her real name, lai ‘an county in anhui province half tower town) keep illicit sexual relations, was rejected in July 2013 after the ping ping relatives of the wounded, was half tower lai ‘an county public security bureau police station for administrative detention assault and battery.Yan Xianglin does not repent, repeatedly threatened to kill the ping ping family “this important clue triggered chuzhou police highly alert: Yan Xianglin is very likely to chuzhou revenge.What kind of hatred makes Yan Xianglin carry out such a crazy act of revenge?Originally, as an ordinary farmer, 1.78 yan Xianglin once served as a soldier, did a security guard, will homemade explosives, but two unfortunate marriage but to his life buried the seeds of tragedy.During his first divorce in 2006, he tried to take revenge on his ex-wife by carrying explosives, but local police stopped him.At the beginning of 2013, Yan Xianglin joined the construction team to work in luoluo rice Company in Chajian Town, Tianchang City. He met Ping Ping, a villager from Zaojiao Village group in Beijian Village, Lai ‘an County, on the Internet, and the two quickly developed into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.But as a married woman, ping ping’s immoral behavior was condemned by relatives and friends, neighbors, so that she gradually had the idea of leaving Yan Xianglin, which makes extremely confident and paranoid Yan Xianglin cannot accept.On one occasion, Yan Xianglin forces Ping Ping to live in his hometown in Hubei province for a period of time. Later, Ping Ping looks for opportunities to escape.Once again, Yan Xianglin hiked to half tower town north jian village Zaojiao group, because of uncertainty which is the ping ping home, unexpectedly hit 110 false alarm, followed the police car found the ping ping home.One day in July 2013, Yan Xianglin went to Ping ping’s home and argued with ping ping and her family. Yan Xianglin injured Ping ping’s brother and was detained by banta police Station for 13 days.Subsequently, increasingly crazy Yan Xianglin repeatedly threatened to kill the ping ping family, even threatened to bomb the kindergarten, do an earth-shaking event.On October 22 at noon after the murder crime in hubei province, hubei police in yan Lin’s father, sister and neighbors, all reflect the ring Lin yan said that “I kill people, I have to go, you leave me alone” in this case, also found in his QQ message “netizens, goodbye, after 18 years, is a hero” “words” like that.October 23 more than 16 o ‘clock, Hubei police monitoring yan Xiang Lin has entered the territory of Anhui, yaohai district in Hefei appeared.There is little doubt that Yan’s next stop will be Chuzhou.The safety first, commander of a line tracing quick decision, the deployment of careful from 17 October 23 reported from hubei province public security organ, the public security bureau of chuzhou, attaches great importance to rapidly start the emergency disposal work plans for the shift of criminal cases, chuzhou police to arrest the criminal suspect, to strengthen the prevention and recovery of explosives, eliminate the hazards, fight malignant cases happen again.For carrying explosives, Lin yan rang may explode at any time and place, causing heavy casualties and property losses, in accordance with the instruction of the jiangshan secretary, municipal public security bureau confirmed the “public safety first, don’t disturb the suspect, don’t pass any aircraft, don’t panic, make sure not in zhuhai exploding, successfully captured suspect” principle.However, this principle is easy to say but extremely difficult to implement in the face of a vicious, dynamite bound and determined Yan Xianglin.One misstep, and it could all be wasted.To this end, the site commander to make careful deployment: one is to immediately transfer the ping Ping and family protection, adhere to the tight outside loose, clever arrangement of school holidays, surrounding people evacuation, the organ units, stations, gas stations and other key units for secret control.The second is to carry out inspection and control at the main intersections leading to banta town;Focus on search and control of stations, hotels, Internet cafes, bathing places, construction sites, Bridges, culverts and other units and areas under the jurisdiction.The third is to set up multiple ambush points in yan Xiang Lin after the road section and the area near ping Ping’s residence, and timely arrest.Fourth, the armed police, fire, medical and other departments should be on standby to deal with emergencies at any time.At the same time, the province’s control, information research and judgment, network monitoring and other comprehensive use, just like in the east of anhui cast a net.Immediately, lai ‘an County public Security Bureau, Tianchang City Public Security Bureau criminal investigation, special police, network security and other departments more than 200 police quickly assembled at the same time, chuzhou branch of the armed police more than 100 armed police rushed to the units immediately entered the combat post.At 20 o ‘clock on the 23rd, chuzhou railway station square is crowded with pedestrians and exercise citizens talking and laughing, leisurely.Chuzhou police found That Yan Xianglin had arrived in a car and walked to the square.At this time, the city public Security Bureau special police detachment leader Zhang Yuhua led plainclothes special police and snipers, explosive has arrived at the scene, and according to the hubei police to provide physical characteristics, clothing, carrying items initially locked the target.Shoot to kill or capture?If the target is wrong, or the action is wrong to alert The Yan Rang Lin to detonate the explosives, the consequences are unimaginable.City public security bureau main leadership immediately decided to give up arrest, another good opportunity.Half an hour later, Yan xianglin took a taxi to lai ‘an direction.Chuzhou public Security bureau immediately adjusted the deployment, leading to lai ‘an County banta town target of the only way, the choice of open set up two ambush points, special police and snipers in advance.On the winding mountain road in the Lai ‘an section of Highway 312, the tracking police drove all the way quickly. However, in the fast and dense mountain road, no matter how advanced the tracking technology is, it can only judge the approximate position of the tracking vehicle, but not the specific vehicle.Even if it is clear, the safety of taxi drivers and pedestrians should not be taken into account.However, the gangster seems to play “hide and seek” with the police, when he fled to tianchang city bay Stream town, suddenly disappeared.The police analysis, Yan Xianglin went to the ping ping home before, familiar with the surrounding terrain, armed police more dare not careless, in late autumn cold field a whole night of ambush, the gangster did not appear.The police took the unexpected uniform of the gangster police was not discouraged, finally, at 10:00 a.m. on the 24th, the suspect Yan Rang took a taxi slowly into the police line of sight.In order to avoid the gangster taking hostages, the police decided to let him into the ambush circle, waiting for the opportunity to move.After the taxi left, the police found the suspect’s backpack tightly tied to his body.The police judged that the bag must contain explosives.Just then, something unexpected happened!Perhaps remembering the wrong door, the suspect went straight to another civilian house near ping Ping’s house, and this civilian house also ambushed six or seven policemen.Once the assailants entered the room, they could detonate the explosives at any moment, and the atmosphere was tense.When he was ready to push the door into the house, the police waiting in the house decisively attack, the first out of the house, the gangster immediately put his hand into his arms to detonate explosives, said that very quickly, rushed up to the police buckle the gangster’s wrist will be controlled.Source: Qinhuai Politics and Law