Provincial government party group held party history study education thematic democratic life Feng Fei presided over

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According to the requirements of the central and provincial party committee, the provincial government’s leading group held a party history study and education thematic democratic life on The afternoon of January 28.Provincial Governor Feng Fei presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.In order to open a good democratic life, the provincial government party group made serious preparation, in-depth study, extensive solicitation of opinions, in-depth talk, carefully write contrast inspection materials and personal speech outline.The meeting notified the provincial government party group 2020 annual democratic life and the provincial government party group to promote the reform of the special democratic life reform measures to implement the situation, the provincial government party group party history study education special democratic life to solicit opinions before the meeting.Feng Fei took the lead in carrying out self-criticism on behalf of the provincial government’s leading party group, and the group members in turn carried out criticism and self-criticism.Provincial Discipline inspection commission, provincial party Organization Department, provincial party history study and education leading group office concerned comrades to guide.Feng pointed out that we should deeply understand the “two establishment”, resolutely achieve the “two maintenance”, to ensure that the CPC Central Committee and provincial Party Committee of the implementation of each decision and deployment.He called for a thorough understanding and implementation of the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, a firm grasp of Hainan’s status as “the leader of the country”, a correct political orientation, a sound protection of Hainan’s ecological environment, guarding the southern gate of the motherland, and risk prevention and control.We need to be results-oriented, focus on problem rectification, and establish mechanisms for problem discovery, solution, and evaluation of results.We should draw on the wisdom and strength of the Party’s century-long struggle, further strengthen the self-improvement of leading party bodies, and take the lead in firming up their ideals and beliefs, transforming their work style, and promoting integrity and self-discipline.To promote the party history study and education of long-term normalization, combined with the actual government system and the characteristics of our province, in the application of achievements, constantly consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education.Shen Danyang, Liu Pingzhi, Feng Zhonghua, Wang Bin, Ni Qiang and Fu Xuanchao attended the meeting.Provincial government party group held party history study education special topic democratic life feng Fei presided over source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Li Lei on duty director: Chu Yu on duty director: Shi Yajie Content review: Fan Xueling responsible editor: Zhou Yu feel content nice point