Party and mass service centers at all levels in Shenzhen launched more than 2,000 Spring Festival activities

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Wang Jun 26 afternoon, Shenzhen all levels of party and masses service center “Fuhu Welcome Spring · Pengcheng Chinese New Year” spring activities officially launched in the city party and masses service center.In order to create a festive, healthy, happy and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the Organization Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC has organized and launched the service center of the Party and the masses at all levels in shenzhen, which will hold more than 2,000 activities and more than 6,000 New Year activities from 26th, so that the general public can enjoy a warm and festive Spring Festival.At the launch ceremony, lanterns were hung high, showing a festive scene of the Spring Festival.In “pen and ink painters, roars spring” sharing activity, the year of the tiger’s primary visual image “tiggo or dingle designers, chairman of shenzhen artists association,” guan shanyue art museum curator Chen Xiangbo splash-ink, map “tiggo or dingle, vivid story” tiggo or dingle visual image design concept, “and” powerful “New Year, the city residents;The winter vacation class “Sound slow, love accompanied” was specially designed for caring and accompanying the children of anti-epidemic workers. At the first Spring Festival reading meeting of the class, nearly 20 children read with Professor Shen Jinhao, dean of the School of Humanities of Shenzhen University.In the activity of “Non-heritage Market, New Year’s Celebration”, the city party and Mass Service Center square “transformed” into a non-heritage market “, displaying paper-cutting, pyrography, shadow play making and other traditional customs, which set off a thick Atmosphere of the New Year.Launch ceremony also live online “Pengcheng Looking for New Year flavor, cloud over the New Year” online interactive small program.Through this program, citizens can explore New Year folk customs, shenzhen landmarks and characteristic Party and mass service centers through the form of “landmark punch card + New Year popular science + exploration pass”, and have a happy year on the cloud.Also released a “isolation there is love, love warm PengCheng” care for “five one” action, for the epidemic prevention in the city line workers and centralized quarantine personnel, send you a New Year wishes on Duan Yun video, a video card, a year of the tiger zodiac doll, a set of positive energy and a frame exquisite love card game, online transfer with shenzhen temperature New Year wishes,So that everyone who cannot go home due to quarantine and COVID-19 can feel the company of love.It is understood that from the first day to the fifteenth day, shenzhen service center will also launch between “kylin dance, a lion jubilation” youth, rubbing the festival atmosphere on “wood” “shadow play anecdotes, red east rift” “cantonese opera high, quintessence inheritance” Spring Festival activities such as “lantern riddle yuanxiao, educational stage mode”, citizens can not only experience masses woodcut New Year pictures made by hand,Watch the shadow play “Dongjiang Longitudinal Team”, enjoy extracts from classic Cantonese opera, and participate in lantern riddles online. Those who succeed can go to the nearest municipal or district party and mass service center within the first month to receive New Year’s gifts.During the Spring Festival, the Party and the Masses service center at all levels in Shenzhen will also cooperate with the administrative organs, parks, enterprises, and mass organizations to hold traditional customs activities such as dragon and lion dance, writing Spring Festival couplets, cutting window flowers, and making lanterns, so as to promote traditional culture, create a festive atmosphere, and enjoy the Chinese New Year with the public.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | li cheng