New social class personage association of Xianyang city condoles city difficult worker

2022-06-12 0 By

On January 30th, members of the new social class sodality of Xianyang visited 4 families of urban poor workers.Every Spring Festival approaching, the City new federation through the Municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, the city federation of trade unions to understand individual diseases and other factors troubled life more difficult families, take the initiative to donate money, dedication of love, for them to send the warmth and care of the society.Two employees of textile Group and two employees of Jinshan Electric Group have a heavy burden on their families due to illness of family members or schooling of their children, and their ideological pressure and living pressure are also the focus of attention and care of relevant units at all levels.City new association team members have come to 4 difficult workers home, detailed inquiry to understand their work and life, encourage them to a strong and optimistic attitude and positive face difficulties, in all levels of party committees and governments and all sectors of the community care and support to overcome difficulties, tide over difficulties, and for each household to send 2000 yuan of condolence gold.At the same time, xianyang New Association will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, care for the families of workers in difficulties, provide them with help and convenience within their power, and wish them a happy and beautiful life as soon as possible.Xianyang Daily all media reporter: Yuan Sen