Lanzhou municipal Engineering Service center held the first contract review meeting

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On the afternoon of January 28, 2022, jin Qiyu, deputy director of THE Center, presided over the first contract review meeting of the Center in January in the conference room (416) on the fourth floor of the center. Du Jianping, director of the Center, relevant leaders in charge of the center, members of the contract review team, and principals of the contract handling departments attended the meeting.The meeting deliberated and approved five contracts, including the government procurement contract for geological safety detection of urban roads (road radar detection service).1. The Engineering Technology Department reported the government procurement contract (Contract No. : 20211208219, Contract Unit: Beijing Guodian Jingwei Engineering Technology Co., LTD.) for geological safety detection of urban roads (road radar detection service). The meeting proposed the following suggestions for the contract:First, the price of the contract exceeds the budget; second, the signing date and winning time of the contract do not conform to; third, whether the 30% advance payment agreed in the terms of the contract payment is reasonable or not.The Engineering and Technology Department shall timely communicate with the other party of the contract and implement the opinions raised in the meeting in the process of contract performance.2. The project Department reached a tripartite settlement agreement with Lanzhou Municipal Engineering Service Center, Gansu Liujian And Liu Shuhui, and two high-voltage power supply and consumption contracts (Contract No. : 20220118002, 20220118003, Contract unit:Lanzhou Power Supply Company (State Grid Gansu Power Company) reported, the meeting had no opinion on the settlement agreement, and proposed to sign a separate prepaid electricity contract for the power supply contract.3. Party and Public Affairs Department reported the purchasing contract of daily necessities for Trade Union members during the 2022 Spring Festival (Contract Number: 20220127004, Contract Unit: Lanzhou Ronghengda Commerce And Trade Co., LTD.), and proposed to modify the delivery method and quality guarantee period clauses in the contract.This conference is the service center of the lanzhou municipal engineering contract management system “came through for the first time since the contract meeting, the meeting request, came the meeting is an important part of the contract management system, all the participants, more attention must be paid to the implementation of their respective duties, combining the reality of laws and regulations and their own work, especially must pay attention to the compatibility laws and policies,In the process of signing the contract, the agreed terms should be fulfilled in place to accurately prevent legal risks.Contributed: Zhang Xiaoyan, Policy and Regulation Department