Full coverage of nucleic acid testing to protect the health of teachers and students

2022-06-12 0 By

Rednet moment Yueyang Building District On March 31 – (correspondent Gong Yan) recently, Yueyang building district on all teachers and students to carry out a new round of full coverage of nucleic acid testing, go all out to build a solid campus security line.At the nucleic acid sampling site of the lower grades of Fengshu Primary School, the staff of Wangjiahe Street Community Health Service Center are demonstrating again and again to guide the children to successfully complete nucleic acid testing.”Lift your head up a little and open your mouth a little, honey, that’s it.”Staff patiently guide students to collect nucleic acid.Maple Tree Primary School has more than 2,000 teachers and students. The school has set up two sampling sites in different buildings for lower grades and higher grades. The sampling method is “divided into classes, staggered period, and pick and go”.Senior students hold printed personal health code, follow their class and team, one meter apart to wait for the test, check the information at the registration desk before orderly sampling.The principal of Maple Tree Elementary school said that for the next phase, it will insist on weekly nucleic acid sampling. The proportion of sampling tests is 50 percent for teachers and 5 percent for elementary students, so as to further monitor the health of teachers and students.Yueyang Lou district has a total of 441 schools and education and training institutions, with a total of more than 180,000 teachers, students and staff. After nucleic acid testing was fully launched, the District Health bureau and the Education Bureau set up temporary nucleic acid sampling sites in each campus to ensure that nucleic acid sampling of teachers and students in the district was completed as required and efficiently.”Our center took the initiative to coordinate with the sub-district and education departments to arrange the time and personnel for nucleic acid sampling in a coordinated and orderly manner, and dispatched elite forces to sink into schools and kindergartens to ensure the completion of nucleic acid sampling for more than 10,000 teachers and students in the area within the specified time.”Wangjiahe street community health service center deputy director Zheng Hongling said.The District Public Health Emergency Prevention and Control Headquarters also issued a Notice on Further Strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control in Schools, requiring all relevant units to strengthen 16 specific tasks, including campus access management, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, vaccination, health education, personal protection, and management of off-campus training institutions.We will ensure the safety and stability of schools, kindergartens, childcare institutions and off-campus education and training institutions at all levels in the region.