Children’s book calendar: What was the earliest version of the Giant and Jack pop-up book?

2022-06-12 0 By

Cham Lu collection of children’s books calendar, good to listen to, your side of the exclusive museum.I’m Liu Sha.This illustration is from the 1896 stereoscopic book Peep into Wonderland.It depicts a scene from The Giant and Jack, in which Jim is a grumpy and whiny giant.He was always eating leaves from the forest.One day, he remembered his brother had told the story of “Jack and magic beans”, decided to catch a child named Jack, make a delicious food, so the giant came to the garden.The children were very surprised to see the giant, but not at all afraid of him.Unable to resist the children’s requests, the giant did many things for them.When the hungry giant tried to catch Jack, the children all believed that the giant would not really eat Jack because he was so kind.Finally, the giant ate the big cake that the children had prepared for him, and became good friends with them, and would not complain all the time.It is worth mentioning that this illustration in Peep into Wonderland is probably the earliest version of The Giant and Jack to be presented in pop-up book form.