Changde city traffic law enforcement department water and land joint ship collision bridge control special action

2022-06-12 0 By

Recently, changde city traffic and transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment organized maritime brigade, water transport and port and navigation brigade and road brigade, joint district and city traffic and transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau to carry out ship collision bridge hidden trouble governance special action.Law enforcement officers went to the area, the important highway section of the bridge site inspection, and the site to remind the relevant unit to strengthen the highway bridge patrol work.One is to repair bridge and culvert marks, navigation marks and collision barriers and other anti-collision facilities;The second is to install monitoring facilities on the side of the bridge, do a good job in the combination of civil air defense and technical defense, make up the loopholes in the custody;Three is to set up warning signs, timely remind passing ships orderly passage;Fourth, it is necessary to timely report the discovered illegal behavior to the competent transportation department of the territory.In the next step, the detachment will strengthen supervision and guidance of expressway management companies and municipal bridge management offices, and severely crack down on illegal acts such as destroying Bridges, aiding navigation facilities, and illegal navigation and overloading of ships in bridge areas.(Correspondent: Qin Tian)