Car maintenance remember to refuse these services, or it is a waste of money

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When we go to the 4S shop to maintain the car, the 4S shop will sell all kinds of maintenance projects, and we will say all kinds of harm.In fact, there are several car maintenance services are not needed, do is a complete waste of money, we must not be fooled.First of all, the maintenance of car air conditioning, when we are maintaining the car, many 4S shops will advise us to maintain the car air conditioning, said that the car air conditioning does not maintain will affect its effect.In fact, the maintenance of automobile air conditioning in 4S shops is nothing more than cleaning the air conditioning, to help us wash off the dust and dirty things in the air conditioning, we can completely clean ourselves, there is no need to waste this money.As the only direct contact with the ground on the car, the car tire plays the role of supporting all the weight of the vehicle.Although car tires are very important, when we go to the 4S shop to maintain the car, there is no need to do tire maintenance.The most important thing about car tires is whether the tire pressure is normal, so we just let them monitor the tire pressure.In order to make more money, many 4S shops will fool the owners to do a maintenance of the tire, boasting that the tire maintenance can prolong the life of the tire and so on.In fact, THE 4S shop to do maintenance of car tires is to clean the tires, and then play a layer of wax, so that the tires look brand-new.While this may be pleasing to the eye, it doesn’t really work and doesn’t reduce the wear and tear on the car, so it’s totally unnecessary.In addition to the maintenance of air conditioning and tires, the 4S shop will also advise us to maintain the car seat.In fact, the car interior seat maintenance is to clean it.After the car drove for a long time, the seat may indeed adhere to some dirty things on it, but if we really want to clean, we can buy a cleaning agent to clean ourselves, which can save a lot of costs, there is no need to clean in the 4S shop, wasted money.After finishing several projects that 4S shop maintenance does not need to do, next xiaobian will talk to you about some details to pay attention to when going to 4S shop to maintain cars.First of all, before we go to the 4S shop to maintain the car, we must take a picture of the mileage and the appearance of the car, so as to prevent the car from being scratched in the process of maintenance, and the sales staff as a test drive to the car buyers test experience.Secondly, when we maintain the car in the 4S shop, we should pay attention to check the old and new parts, and inform the 4S shop to leave the replaced parts before the maintenance, so that we can confirm whether the 4S shop has changed the parts for our car, so as not to be cheated.If you want to go to the 4S shop for oil change, but you want to save money, you can bring your own oil machine filter to the 4S shop, but be sure to ask the 4S shop in advance whether permission, because some 4S shops will be forced to use the things sold in the shop.If you do not have what important things to deal with, it is best to watch the whole process of maintenance next to the maintenance list, and check whether the project on the maintenance list is the same as the actual maintenance project, so as not to be imposed on some maintenance list without the project.