Song Ming, Luquan, Xundian…Heavy snow is falling around Kunming

2022-06-11 0 By

It was predicted that kunming would have snow on New Year’s Eve although it was really cold on New Year’s Eve but the snow did not come down but just now!Song Ming, luquan, xundian friends sent message At the moment it is snow song Ming The snow has fallen a magnificently ~ luquan friend said Never seen so much snow in my hometown xundian small make up just want to ask When will the snow down to the downtown area Looking forward to a wave compared to kunming The snow in yunnan each state can be much more bold qujingZhanyi, Malone, Huize and other places have ushered in heavy snow, zhaotong everywhere a vast white area, the Central Meteorological Station is expected to rain tomorrow in the south of the south, it is expected to northern parts of Yunnan and some areas have light to moderate snow or sleet, central and southern Yunnan, south China and some areas have light to moderate rain, local heavy rain (25 ~ 40 mm).It is expected that during the Spring Festival, warm wet air and cold air will be active in southwest China, and there will be more cooling and precipitation in northwest, central and eastern Yunnan, with more snow in Diqing, Zhaotong and northern Qujing.