Qichun Road Bureau in Hubei province, all members of the operation

2022-06-11 0 By

On the night of February 6, 2022, snowflakes fluttering fluttering and covered all corners of Qichun County, Hubei province, Auspicious snow falling, harvest in sight…Snow everywhere beautiful scenery, there are a group of people who do not want to enjoy the snow.7 morning, Qichun Road Bureau to snow as order, retrograde, immediately start low temperature rain and snow weather emergency plan, all out of the first time rushed to the scene to carry out anti-skid snow removal operation.Scope of strength because of the rain and snow night strikes, to avoid icy roads, the greatest degree avoid road accidents, maintenance departments in accordance with the “snow while disposal” “after the first ramp Bridges, flat road” principle, the dispatched personnel, equipment, a column have GuoShengDao sharp curve, steep slope, bridge and other key yi snow road and antiskid material, snowmelt agent, etc., ice snow shovels orderly.At the site of national Highway G220 Baichi Bridge, two emergency teams, led by members of the party committee of the bureau and composed of the bureau and the Road and Bridge Company, carried out operations synchronously in the way of “large machinery to break the ice and remove snow, human-machine coordination and multi-point cleaning”.Up to now, the bureau has put 20 vehicles, 15 forklifts, snow melt agent sprinkling machine 2, 20 tons of snow melt agent, 230 person-times of manpower, non-skid material 200 cubic meters, the county in addition to red brigade road henggang mountain road section of the implementation of traffic control, the rest of the road all safe and smooth.Ensuring unimpeded traffic is both a commitment and a responsibility.In the face of low temperature cold weather, after a QiChun highway will resolutely compaction responsibility, full in the full state of mind into the state of emergency, to increase the intensity of road patrol and hidden perils, strengthening emergency on-duty and information submitted, dedication to safety, open the first line, take concrete actions to perform their duties, to ensure a smooth flow of traffic the provincial trunk road and the people safe travel.