In spring, take a walk under the flower road!Please take good care of this Jinan city street flower appreciation guide

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In March, the magnolia, purple plum, beauty plum and early cherry in Jinan opened one after another. Not only in the park, but also in many streets, a sea of flowers has appeared.The following street flowers are not small in scale. Have you ever stopped to appreciate them?The beauty and plum blossom along the tenth road is more eye-catching when it comes to spring.From the 10th road qianfoshan to yuhan overpass section, the road on both sides of the pink beauty and beauty of the fight, riding a bright.On March 22, the reporter observed that the garden workers were unloading the kale, the seasonal flower in winter, so that the spring through the 10th road will be filled with the flowers of beauty and mei.Last year, after the road of shandong art gallery sections carry out tulip flowers is xi, attract many people to come to clock in photos, but this year the tulip flowers and transfer the “position”, it is understood that the citizens can be around in the Olympic sports center, ribbon park, vientiane city green space, the quancheng square and QuanCheng Road before looking for traces of tulip flowers.Tulips are usually not in full bloom until April, but the flowers in Quancheng Square are already popping out.On March 22, the reporter observed in quancheng Square that many citizens had come to take photos of tulips and punched cards, and there were hanfu enthusiasts wearing beautiful costumes, “comparing beauty” with tulips.However, compared with quanchong Square, the tulips in silk Belt Park are still not “moving”, and it is expected to wait until April to see everyone.Cherry blossoms in Jinan have been in full bloom since mid-to-late March.The early cherry appears in parks and streets, and the late cherry blossoms, wait until April.Since March 18, the center of the road between Jiefang East Road Yaojia East Road and Erhuan East Road has been lined with light pink and white cherry blossoms, which are as beautiful as the cherry gardens in the park.However, the cherry blossom season is not long. It has only been less than a week, and many petals have already fallen to the ground, but along the way, we can see that there are still a few cherry trees in full bloom, especially in full bloom.In addition to beauty plum, cherry blossom, tulip, Shun Geng Road purple plum street scenery also do not have a spring style.Compared with some of the larger traffic flow of the road, shun geng road riding or wandering, more calm down, fine taste along the flower road scenery.All the way through Quancheng Park, Jinan University, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, in addition to purple plum, you can also see forsythia, magnolia, rose and other flowers.Slow down on shungeng Road, step by step, you can feel the charm and style of old Jinan.Of course, in addition to the above areas, Jinan and Lok Yuen Street, seven road, road and Minghu North Road, tourism road, Yellow River dam and other places, can also watch several kilometers of Spring flower road.In spring, Ji ‘nan seems to be surrounded by a sea of flowers!Is there a beautiful flower road near your home? Please share it in the comments section!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: