Luxury brands increase the layout of Chunxi Road area!In the first quarter, Chengdu business has these bright spots

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“One of the characteristics of the first quarter of this year is that many luxury brands accelerate the layout of double stores in The Chunxi Road area of Chengdu, revealing brands’ continued optimism for chunxi Road area and long-term confidence in the Chengdu consumer market.”Wu Yuhua, chairman of Savills West China, made the remarks in a report titled “Chengdu Real estate Market Review and Future Outlook in the first quarter of 2022” released by savills on April 6.According to the report, in the first quarter of 2022, the total inventory of chengdu’s retail property market reached about 6.956 million square meters, while the inventory of Grade A office buildings exceeded 3.54 million square meters.Chunxi Road – Taikoo Li business circle a number of luxury brands in chunxi Road regional layout of double stores a detail is that luxury brands increase the layout to show confidence in chengdu consumer market.The report mentioned that the new demand in the retail market of Chengdu decreased slightly year-on-year in this quarter, and the demand sources are still mainly retail formats. Among them, new energy vehicle brands continued the active trend of last year and continued to actively layout the city’s shopping malls in the quarter.The proportion of service formats in the new demand increased, and the demand of leisure and entertainment and parent-child facilities brands increased significantly.In the demand for new catering formats, dessert and bakery brands account for a large increase, among which Chinese pastry brands are active.Among them, many luxury brands accelerated the layout of double stores in Chunxi Road, Chengdu in the first quarter. Representative cases include the debut of the third LV Home in China, the arrival of the new Gucci store in IFS, the arrival of the new Balenciaga and Moynat stores in Ocean Taikoo Li.It reflects the brand’s continued confidence in chunxi Road and long-term confidence in chengdu’s consumer market.On the other hand, Hu Yuhua also noted that since the release of the “14th Five-year Plan” of Chengdu Excellent Medium and high quality, the government has actively promoted the iteration of business forms and the improvement of service capacity in the core business district including Yanshikou.For example, in Yanshikou area, fortune Center and Yanlord Land Plaza are being adjusted and upgraded to conform to the trend of a younger market, and more lifestyle and experience-based business types are planned.Another example is yanhost Land, which blocked the first Daikanyama bookstore in southwest China in the first quarter of this year, and Yuntai Tianfuhong, which opened for only half a year, started a new round of investment adjustment, gradually moving into a fast track of regional business restructuring.”The adjustment and reform of the business district can reflect more on how to integrate urban public service functions to extend the consumption scene, enrich the format composition and functionality of commercial projects, and meet the potential needs of diverse regional customers.”Hu Yuhua said that based on the characteristics of large flow of people and prominent location portal in this area, building landmark commercial carrier, diversified commercial forms and enhancing project punching attribute can further gather people and enhance the popularity of the business district.Another opportunity comes from urban micro-renewal, “which is expected to broaden the commercial imagination of Chengdu”.According to the report, about 700,000 square meters of shopping malls are expected to enter Chengdu’s retail market in 2022. In order to actively respond to chengdu’s development strategy of organic urban renewal during the 14th Five-year Plan period,More and more small and interesting commercial projects with flexible space, such as White Wall Park, Temple Street Art Community, Dongshan Re° EST and L ‘EST, will enter the market soon.Hu Yuhua predicted that these new consumption carriers with various forms are dedicated to creating creative and toned life and social space, which may lead the development of Chengdu commercial market in the future and become an important source of vitality for the market.The energy and raw materials sector saw a significant increase in newly leased space from the previous month, while in office space, opportunities came from the energy and raw materials sector.According to the report, information technology and finance remained the top two industry sources for new tenants in the quarter, accounting for about 36% of total new transaction area, while professional services ranked third, accounting for about 12%.It is worth mentioning that the newly leased area in the energy and raw material industry increased significantly from the previous quarter. In the first quarter, several new energy enterprises reached a large area transaction of more than 1,000 square meters.In China to establish the “2030 to achieve carbon peak” “2060 to achieve carbon neutrality” after the national top energy strategic goals, the new energy industry to seize the momentum of rapid development, energy and raw material industry in Rong office demand is expected to continue to maintain growth.”On the consumption side, the government encourages active exploration of new consumption patterns under normal epidemic prevention and control to promote consumption.”Hu yuhua said.In addition, building a strong chain, improving the industrial system, taking various measures to stabilize foreign investment and foreign trade, and stimulating market vitality are expected to bring more development opportunities to the retail and office market in Chengdu.Red star news reporter Zou Yue editor to caixia (download red star news, the news prize!