Five kinds of cigarettes on the blacklist?Warning: For your health, stay away as much as possible

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As we all know, smoking is harmful to your health. This sentence is not only printed on cigarette boxes, but also pasted on the streets and alleys. From the elderly in their 70s and 80s to children aged seven or eight, they should cover their noses when talking about smoking, which means smoking is harmful to your health.Many people have the habit of smoking in their daily life, and with the development of The Times, the pressure on women seems to be higher than that on men. Smoking is not limited to men, many women also join in.There are thousands of harmful substances and hundreds of carcinogens, which are released and inhaled into the human body after being ignited, eventually entering the lung digestive system, and causing relatively large damage to various organs in the blood.So there is no doubt that anti-inflammatory is bad for health.Quit smoking as soon as possible, take care of your physical and mental health, and stay away from dangerous substances, regardless of whether your life is stressful, your family is burdened, or your life is not pleasant.However, cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine tar growth into the body and stimulate the brain reaction, causing addiction. Once exposed to cigarettes, it is difficult to quit.Five kinds of cigarettes on the blacklist?Remind:For a healthy body, as far as possible away from the harm of smoking on the body produces cannot be ignored, and causes a variety, smoke inhaled smoke, release the secondhand smoke, passive secondhand tobacco smoke causes people around friends and family, for their health was badly damaged, is in the midst of the development of children, especially long-term second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke is easy to increase the risk of lung cancer,Pulmonary fibrosis.If it’s hard to quit, try to reduce the frequency of smoking in these five ways:1, bead bead blasting in recent years is the cigarette smoke is the biggest selling point, favored by men and women, old and young, that a single bead blasting contains a large amount of essence, cigarettes lit reaches a certain saturation temperature capsule instantaneous burst open, wound fascinating taste, currently on the market for mint fruit more, as to adapt to the market, also developed old Popsicle, green tea, on the one hand, profiteering,On the other hand, attract more young people to try.After this kind of cigarette is lit, there is no too pungent tobacco flavor, but filled with a light aroma, this is because the liquid flavor in the capsule demonstration taste, in fact, will increase the physiological burden into the human body to damage the central nervous system, not only is not good for health, but more harm than ordinary cigarettes.E-cigarette is also a new product in recent years, very popular and fashionable, especially young people love e-cigarette is through the vaporizer for cigarette oil heating, nicotine into steam is smoked by people.Many e-cigarettes are marketed as smoking-cessation and flavorful, but they are no less damaging than regular cigarettes.Atomized oil into the body is difficult to be metabolized out, easy to deposit in the lung fibers leading to fibrosis, and harmful substances, a large amount of storage of free blood vessels in the body, will cause stimulation and injury to nerve tissue, damage the brain and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.3, the shelf life of moldy cigarettes is very short, many people will choose a few cigarettes to buy home, on the one hand, save time and effort, on the other hand, good hospitality guests.If improperly placed, the location is humid, it is easy to appear cigarette moldy phenomenon, if there is local moldy do not continue to smoke.This means that cigarettes are already loaded with aflatoxin, a class 1 carcinogen that increases the risk of cancer, especially liver cancer.Early liver cancer without any symptoms, to the middle and late will have pain in the upper abdomen, so we still want to take care of the liver, do not smoke moldy cigarettes.4, so chayan chayan as the name implies is made of tea, I believe that many people think that tea is good for health, tea will not have what damage, this idea is completely wrong.Tea smoke is not all tea leaves, and a small amount of addictive substances such as nicotine tar are added to ensure taste.When nicotine is mixed with tea and burned, it creates smoke that can damage the lungs and cannot be automatically metabolized out of the body.In particular, a lot of fine dust particles will block up the alveoli, affecting the health of lung respiratory function and lung failure.Tea burning also produces large amounts of caffeine to stimulate the brain, releasing dopamine which stimulates the brain repeatedly.Menthol Cigarettes Women smokers are not interested in pungent cigarettes. They prefer the cool menthol cigarettes, women’s cigarettes.Most menthol cigarettes come in thin sticks, which are not only beautiful but also easy to smoke.Menthol cigarettes contain as much nicotine as regular cigarettes, and while some menthol can mask the pungent smell, it’s also bad for your health, so cut back on menthol cigarettes.Combined with the above points, we must remember that smoking is harmful to health, no matter what cigarettes are more or less harmful to the body, elderly friends do not work hard and thrifty, cigarettes after moldy still continue to smoke, obviously no good to the body.At the same time, for the health of the family, as far as possible to establish a smoke-free environment, to avoid harmful substances inhaled too much harm to people.What are your different views on this?Welcome to leave a comment, thanks for reading, leave a follow before you go.Healthy New Year