Yu Liang: I particularly hope that institutional investors will use the new valuation model to look at Vanke’s business

2022-06-09 0 By

On March 31, China Vanke Co.,Ltd. held the 2021 annual performance meeting online, Yu Liang and a group of management attended.According to view new media, Yu Liang said at the meeting, from the perspective of financial performance, Vanke is now and in the future within a considerable period of time, I believe that a considerable proportion of revenue will come from development business.However, although the current profit is mainly based on development business, we can see that the contribution to profit will not be small in the future.”For example, the real estate industry is on the order of 10 trillion yuan. No other industry has ever had such a large capacity.Instead of looking at the total amount of the industry, we look at the income level per square meter. The housing price of Vanke is about 16,000 to 17,000 per square meter. When it comes to long-term rental apartments, the unit price per square meter is tens of yuan, property service is several yuan per square meter, and when it comes to logistics, it is a little more than one square meter, and the lowest level is 0.68 yuan.From the point of view of the unit price income per square meter, it is really not comparable.””Is there no value in not being comparable?That’s what I’m really upset about, and I really want institutional investors to have a new valuation and look at our business with a new valuation model.”Yu Liang added: “I often cite the case of Hatian soy sauce, which is a particular example to illustrate the situation. Hatian soy sauce is almost 30% of Vanke’s profits after last year’s decline, and it has created 80% more market value than ours.A yuan of Haitian soy sauce is not the same as a yuan of Vanke.”