Hunan University of Finance and Economics and Hubei University of Economics

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Hunan University of Finance and Economics is located at the foot of Yuelu Mountain and the bank of Xiangjiang River in Changsha.There are west Lake Park and Meixi Lake Park around, the transportation is also very convenient, the subway directly to the railway station, high-speed railway station, bus west station nearby.Accounting is the flagship major of the university, which enjoys a high reputation in Hunan Province. The faculty is the strongest major of the university. Before graduation, students will also arrange accounting practice and operation, combining theory with practice.Career Direction: To work in firms, banks, companies, securities and other financial or audit occupations.Accounting major: Intermediate financial accounting, advanced financial accounting, accounting computerization practice, etc.Girls accounted for a large proportion, male: female =2:8, beauty super many, male in the school is very popular, as long as it is not too bad, or very good to find a job, like accounting to the school will never lose.Finance major is the second largest major in the university. The president of Hunan Branch of Bank of China is an alumnus of the university and has signed an internship agreement. Basically, every holiday, students of this major can go to the bank for internship through an interview, which is of great help to students to apply what they have learned.The word that undergraduate course graduates besides take a bank, still can take stock fund company to wait, this professional record of formal schooling is taller more popular.Other majors, such as engineering cost and financial management, are well known in Hunan Province. A large number of outstanding talents are exported every year. The teachers are strong and responsible, and the employment rate of graduates is very high.Generally speaking, as a college of finance and economics, the school is not very, but the infrastructure is complete, there are three teaching buildings, a library, which contains a large number of books, two dining halls, dining hall food free choice, a gymnasium, sparrow is small, all the viscera.Hubei economy academy is the central south area except at zhongnan university of economics and the only a university of finance and economics, the original business college of hubei province, wuhan financial college, merged to form a plan management cadre institute, hubei province, has been more than hundred years’ history, faculty and the running effect is also beyond doubt.Accounting and finance are its trump cards.International finance is the best major in Hubei Institute of Economics, the students of this major are very powerful in textual research, the elective courses of the school are very practical, the students of the college of finance are employed in various directions, the most common is the major banks, the quality of employment and prospects are very good, and this major is the older the more valuable.The faculty of accounting school is particularly strong, with more than a dozen professors with master degree, which can be said to be second only to the financial and economic major of Wu Dahua University of Science and Finance in the province.After graduation, the employment rate is very good. There are many school recruitment fairs held every year. There are many private enterprises.Other majors such as law, tourism management and Business English also have a high influence in Hubei Province, and their overall strength is good.The school is located in Jiangxia District of Wuhan city, far away from the city center, but with the subway, it is relatively convenient. The greening is very good, and the environment is beautiful. Tangxun Lake is nearby.There are four canteens and a lot of street food.There are many clubs, you can sign up to participate in the clubs you are interested in, and every year in the university student activity center will hold a variety of colorful activities.Distinctive teaching characteristics, high teaching quality, strong learning atmosphere, postgraduate examination rate is relatively high, it is worth registering for an institution.