During the Spring Festival travel rush on Chinese New Year’s Eve, the wallet I lost “went home”

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Hunan Daily on January 31 (all media reporter Liu Yinan correspondent Mo Ping Song Bo) “we have given up, did not expect to be able to find, thank you!”This morning, a passenger huang Chunnian found the wallet he lost five days ago at Yongzhou Railway station. His father and daughter expressed their gratitude to Yang Enping, a passenger duty officer at yongzhou Railway Station.It all began on January 27th.That day, the Huang Chunnian that works in Nanjing takes K1191 train to yongzhou railway station, transfer G1506 train returns home Qi Yang to celebrate the New Year.Before entering the station and getting on the bus, he accidentally dropped his wallet in the station waiting room, was the passenger transport inspection of the waiting room of Yang Enping found.But G1506 had already left the station.After checking, the wallet contained 4,900 yuan in cash, four bank cards, two social security cards, one ID card and a medical card.Unfortunately, the wallet did not contain the traveler’s contact information.Two days passed, and no passengers took the initiative to contact the station to inquire about the lost wallet.On January 29, song Bo, the general passenger duty officer on duty, suddenly had an idea — start with the address information on passengers’ ID cards.He through dials 114 inquired the contact way that huang Chunnian is in Qi Yang county eight treasure town government, find the contact way that he is in village branch secretary again, contacted Huang Chunnian finally.On New Year’s Eve, Yang Enping checks items and returns his wallet to its owner at the station’s passenger duty room.In this way, Huang Chunnian’s lost wallet successfully reunited with him.Seeing the lost wallet recovered, father and daughter were very excited and immediately took out 500 yuan to express their gratitude, which was politely declined by the station staff.[Editor: Peng Kexin]